Fake Google Antivirus

What is Fake Google Antivirus?

It is easy to determine when you are infected with Fake Google Antivirus. The moment that happens your search results are redirected and you face a fake Google homepage (even though it looks like the real one!) with a message that says:

Google systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer. Please check you PC on viruses.
To continue, please download and install our antivirus software.
Or our system will block your access to Google services.

Fake Google Antivirus is very effective when it comes to scaring the users into believing that their access to Google search engine will really be blocked unless they download the offered security program. However, the moment you click that Download, you will download an archived file onto your computer called Trojan.Win32.Fakeav.tri. It obviously would infect your computer even further, so you should never trust something like Fake Google Antivirus.

As far as Fake Google Antivirus is concerned, danger lies in the fact that this infection makes use of popular websites by redirecting visitors to fishy sites that in the end offer the antivirus services mentioned above. Not to mention that it makes use of the Internet giant name – Google. Generally the name is not associated with anything suspicious, so it is not surprising that a lot of users fall for this trick.

However, instead of being scared about the possible deprivation of Google services you will do yourself a favor by checking your website’s address bar. You will see that the site that is opened has nothing to do with Google, even though you are seeing Google’s logo on your screen. Thus, the fraud is obvious and you must do everything you can in order to remove Fake Google Antivirus. It would be best if you downloaded a trustworthy antimalware application and deleted Fake Google Antivirus automatically, at the same time checking for other possible infections in your computer.

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