Exocrypt Ransomware

What is Exocrypt Ransomware?

Although ransomware programs are extremely dangerous computer security threats, sometimes we are lucky to encounter apps that are still under development. Exocrypt Ransomware is one of such programs, and it does not present us with an extremely hard challenge when it comes to decrypting the encrypted files. What’s more, there clearly is no need to pay the ransom because it is possible to decrypt this ransomware, and you might solve this problem even if you do not have your files backed up on an external hard drive. Thus, simple remove Exocrypt Ransomware from your computer and make sure you do not get infected with such programs in the future.testtest

Where does Exocrypt Ransomware come from?

Although we do not know who exactly spreads this infection, we believe that Exocrypt Ransomware makes use of the most common ransomware distribution methods. That would be spam email messages and remote desktop client protocol. What’s more, it implies that the infection may mostly target computer systems rather than individual computers, and so it is very likely that small businesses could be the main targets of Exocrypt Ransomware and other ransomware infections.

The reason ransomware programs usually target small businesses is that such entities are less likely to invest in cyber security, and they are more likely to be willing to pay for the file decryption. Although it is not relevant to this particular infection, we would like to emphasize how important it is to educate your employees about the potential security threats that come with spam email. There are tons of phishing scams out there that try to trick unsuspecting and gullible users into clicking corrupted links or opening malicious attachments.

Although only a very small number of small email messages get opened, that small number is enough to cause destructions to entire computer systems. Hence, even if it looks like a particular file has arrived from a reliable source, you should probably consider scanning it with a security tool. If you fail to check the liability of a particular file and open it, there is always a chance that you could get infected with Exocrypt Ransomware (or any other ransomware program for that matter).

What does Exocrypt Ransomware do?

Our research team says that Exocrypt Ransomware is not a fully developed malware infection because certain functions do not work properly. Of course, after the installation, this ransomware sets out to encrypt your files, but it does not encrypt every single file on your system. From what we have seen during our tests, the program mostly locks up the files that are on your Desktop. Aside from that, the infection also drops a ransom note on your desktop under the DO_NOT_DELETE.xtc filename. If you open the ransom note, here is what you will find there:

All your personal files have been encrypted, your photos, videos and documents are not longer accessible, don’t cry yet because I have not delete them… Yet…
In order for me to decrypt your files for you, you must pay a small fee to the following bitcoin address, payment will only be accepted in bitcoin to insure anonymity… Try anything funny and your files will be permanantly encrypted forever.
Good luck.

Then the infection says that you need to pay 50 GBP in bitcoin within 24 hours. As mentioned, if you fail to do that, the criminals behind this attack threaten to delete the files permanently.

However, when we ran a few tests, we have also found that the encryption mechanism is not perfect, and power users can decrypt the files themselves. If you are an ordinary computer user, you can refer to a professional technician to help you retrieve your files. The bottom line is that there is no need to pay anything to these criminals. Please note that you may also delete the encrypted files and simply transfer the healthy copies back into your computer (AFTER you have removed Exocrypt Ransomware) if you have a backup.

How do I remove Exocrypt Ransomware?

You may have to look for various suspicious files across your system to delete Exocrypt Ransomware for good. Hence, if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, do yourself a favor and get yourself a reliable security tool. Use it to scan your computer and then remove all the malicious files and other potential threats automatically.

Manual Exocrypt Ransomware Removal

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and the Task Manager will open.
  2. Open the Processes tab and end suspicious processes.
  3. Close Task Manager and delete the recently downloaded files from Desktop.
  4. Go to your Downloads folder.
  5. Remove the most recently download files from the directory.
  6. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Click OK.
  7. Remove the most recent files from the directory.
  8. Scan your computer with SpyHunter. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Exocrypt Ransomware*

Stop these Exocrypt Ransomware Processes:


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