Evil Locker Ransomware

What is Evil Locker Ransomware?

Evil Locker Ransomware is a malicious computer infection that will infect your computer and encrypt your files. The program holds your data hostage, and it expects you to pay the ransom fee. The ransom fee should be paid in order to receive a decryption key that should restore your files. However, there is no guarantee that the ransomware would really issue the decryption key. Computer security experts always maintain that users should remove Evil Locker Ransomware from their computers at once. You should not negotiate with these criminals because it does not lead anywhere good.testtest

Where does Evil Locker Ransomware come from?

Our research team suggests that Evil Locker Ransomware should spread through spam email. It is the most plausible guess because spam email is the most common medium for ransomware distribution. It also means that you must have infected your computer with this ransomware unwittingly because you weren’t aware of the fact you were opening a ransomware installer file.

So how is it possible to tell malicious spam emails apart from your regular email messages? First, most of the spam email gets filtered into the junk folder, so there should be no problem about that part. You shouldn’t even see those messages. However, the amount of spam messages filtered depends on your email service provider. Some engines may not be able to brush all the spam messages away into the junk folder.

What’s more, some of those spam messages may look like legitimate notifications from official sources. For instance, there are spam messages that look like shipping invoices from online stores. They urge you to check whether the invoice is correct, and when you open the file, you actually infect your system with Evil Locker Ransomware (or any other ransomware program, for that matter). Some email messages may also look like financial reports or some other important documents, too. In other words, the carrier of the installer file will try to do everything it can to make you open that file. And the moment you do that, the malicious program enters your system.

What does Evil Locker Ransomware do?

There is no need to say what this program can do. It clearly encrypts most of your files and then waits for you to pay the ransom fee. Our research shows that Evil Locker Ransomware encrypts all personal file extensions (including executables, pictures, documents, and other). When your files get encrypted this infection, you will see that all the filenames have been changed. They will get a new extension. For example, Dogs.jpg after the encryption may change into Dogs.jpg.[evil@cock.lu].EVIL. You will also see that your file icons have changed, and the system can no longer read them.

The experience can be terrifying because this program seems to lock all of your files. However, this should not push you into paying the ransom. Even if the ransom note says the following:


  1. [ALL YOUR FILES HAVE BEEN ENCRYPTED!] Your files are NOT damaged! Your files are modified only. This modification is reversible. The only 1 way to decrypt your files is to receive the decryption program.

  2. [HOW TO RECOVERY FILES?] To receive the decryption program write on our e-mail: evil@cock.lu or vil@firemail.cc And in subject write your ID: ID-0x0xx0 We send you full instruction how to decrypt all your files.

If you continue going through the ransom note, it would seem that the people behind this infection offer to decrypt your files for free. However, it is very likely that the command and control center for this infection will be long dead by the time you try to contact them, so no decryption would happen, whether you pay or not.

How do I remove Evil Locker Ransomware?

This program does not drop any additional file on your computer. There is only the instruction file in a text document and the original file that infected your system. Therefore, you need to remove the file that initiated the infection. If you are not sure which file has to be removed, you can scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner, and the program will locate all the malicious files automatically. It is always a good idea to invest in a reliable tool to do the job for you.

Manual Evil Locker Ransomware Removal

  1. Open your Downloads folder*.
  2. Find the most recently downloaded files.
  3. Remove the files.
  4. Run a full system scan.

* Or any other directory where you save downloaded files. 100% FREE spyware scan and
tested removal of Evil Locker Ransomware*


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