E-Set Antivirus 2011

What is E-Set Antivirus 2011?

Do not be fooled by E-Set Antivirus 2011’s seemingly auspicious looking graphical user interfaces. Although this program might seem legitimate, and uses a name from a very reputable company, E-Set Antivirus 2011 is in truth nothing more than a malicious rogue antispyware application out to rip you off. E-Set Antivirus 2011 was designed by cyber criminals looking for an easy way to make money off unsuspecting consumers, while offering them nothing of value in return.
E-Set Antivirus 2011 enters the system with the help of seditious Trojans. These Trojans root the E-Set Antivirus 2011 infection into its prospective host PC without the knowledge of the PC owner. Browser hijacking websites and bogus online malware scanners are responsible for the distribution of E-Set Antivirus 2011’s Trojans and malware.


The user will remain largely unaware of E-Set Antivirus 2011’s presence on the system until such time that the rogue deigns it appropriate to start its attack on the PC. This will usually be heralded by the user being spammed by various falsely generated security reports generated by E-Set Antivirus 2011.

We noticed that E-Set Antivirus 2011 will block any popular computer program and wont allow running a internet browser. To regain access You will have to go to "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer". Then go into C:\Program Files\ and go into your browsers folder. In this example we will use a folder Internet Explorer. look for a file iexplore.com and rename it adding any letter (miexplore.exe or iexxplore.com). After this E-Set Antivirus 2011 will not recognize this file and will allow running it. This method also works for other browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox.

At the end of the day no correspondence received from E-Set Antivirus 2011 can be trusted. This malicious rogue does not have your best interests at heart and you need to delete E-Set Antivirus 2011 before it’s too late.

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