What is E-Set?

You can never be too cautious when you browse the internet, especially as there are threats like E-Set on the loose. This parasite is a new addition to the wide family of rogue antispyware applications, which are devised with intention to swindle unsuspecting users out of their hard-earned money. Using such tactics as stealing a new from a very popular and reputable security software may help. E-Set impersonates a reliable security program so that it could make you believe that it can take care of any possible computer threat in your system.
However, there is nothing beneficial about E-Set. Once installed in your computer the rogue floods you with galore of security error messages, indicating that you have numerous threats in your computer which should be taken care of. Now stop before you do anything, because these messages from E-Set are obviously fake. This program cannot detect any threats, because it is a malicious application itself. If you follow its instructions you will end up with a severely damaged computer and an absolutely empty bank account.

E-Set will tell you that it is not able to delete all the threats unless you pay for the licensed version of the program. Don’t give away your credit card information, because you will be opening the door to your bank account for these criminals. Get yourself a reliable security tool instead and remove E-Set for good.

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