Epoblockl Ransomware

What is Epoblockl Ransomware?

Epoblockl Ransomware is a computer infection that can encrypt user and system files. This seems to be one of the many random infections that have been terrorizing users lately. The ransomware program is not prominent enough to draw attention from the media, but it doesn’t mean it is any less dangerous than the notorious WannaCry Ransomware. The bottom line is that you must remove Epoblockl Ransomware from your computer immediately, and by doing so, you have to ensure that similar intruders to do not enter your PC again. Please bear in mind that some of the infection’s consequences might not be reverted.testtest

Where does Epoblockl Ransomware come from?

Unless a ransomware infection is extremely popular, it is always rather hard to tell where exactly it comes from. For the most part, they usually get distributed via spam email messages and come in spam attachments, masquerading as important documents.

Here you might say that most of your spam email gets filtered into the Junk folder, but that is not entirely true. It is quite common for spam messages to land in your main inbox. It happens when spam mail functions as phishing mail, devised to trick unsuspecting users into clicking malicious links, downloading malicious attachments or giving away their personal information.

For example, the message that distributes Epoblockl Ransomware might as well look like some notification from a bank or an insurance company, for example. It might urge you to check some invoice or to review a document that is related to your account’s security. Messages that distribute ransomware usually rely on a sense of urgency that pushes users into doing something that they would never do otherwise.

So this means that you should be able to avoid getting infected with Epoblockl Ransomware if only you were more careful about what you download and install on your computer. Security experts also note that it is always possible to scan the downloaded file before opening it. Hence, if you scan it with a reliable security tool, you might avoid a dangerous infection. Please remember that your web browsing skills and the way you deal with downloaded files are just as important in ensuring your system’s safety as the antispyware program that you use.

What does Epoblockl Ransomware do?

As far as the behavior of Epoblockl Ransomware is concerned, we can expect it to do whatever any other ransomware app does. Mainly: encrypting files. During our test, we have found that this program encrypts all directories, except for Program Files, Program Files (x86), and Windows. It is not that surprising really. Ransomware programs often leave system files intact because it needs to your computer to still function properly even after the encryption is complete. After all, it expects you to wire the ransom payment, so your system needs to work for that.

Once the encryption is complete, Epoblockl Ransomware automatically launches a video that is played via YouTube. The video doesn’t exactly tell you what happened, but when you see a man screaming in an elevator, you might get an inkling that something is not right. Aside from that, this infection sends your PC’s name, your Username, and a randomly generated password to fairybreathes.6te.net. And then it drops the ransom note. The ransom note filename is EPOBLOCKL-NOTE.txt, and it says the following:

Your files have been encrypted with AES-128
tommy.sanders@tutanote.com, 0btc.
Please pay immedantely

Someone must’ve been in a terrible hurry when they wrote that ransom note because their spelling it terrible. Not to mention that it doesn’t really say how much you have to pay in the first place. So unless you contact these people via the given email, you won’t know how much they expect you to pay to get your files back. However, paying the ransom should be the last thing on your mind.

How do I remove Epoblockl Ransomware?

This infection does not drop any additional file, so it is not difficult to remove it. Your main problem, however, is your files. There might not be any public decryption tool available at the moment, so unless you have your files backed up on an external drive, you may have to wave them goodbye.

However, do not panic. You may be able to find some of your files on your mobile device or in your outbox. In order words, do everything you can to retrieve your data, and then terminate Epoblockl Ransomware for good.

Manual Epoblockl Ransomware Removal

  1. Go to your Downloads folder.
  2. Remove the most recently downloaded files.
  3. Remove unfamiliar files from Desktop.
  4. Scan your computer with SpyHunter. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Epoblockl Ransomware*

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