EnybenyCrypt Ransomware

What is EnybenyCrypt Ransomware?

EnybenyCrypt Ransomware is not a complicated infection, but the problems it creates can complicate your life immensely. This threat is a file encryptor, and if it manages to slither into your operating system and corrupt your personal files, you might hit a wall with no point of return. You can escape the situation only if your files are backed up. Although most of us back up our files on external drives or online, if the infection hits those who do not use backup, its creators can be successful at swindling money out of them. The purpose of the infection is to make victims pay money, and they can achieve that by offering a miracle decryption tool that, allegedly, can restore files that the infection itself encrypted. This is a pretty genius scam because the victims have no other option; unless backups exist. Unfortunately, the decryptor is unlikely to be given to users even if they pay. That is why, in this report, we do not discuss the process of ransom payment. Instead, we show how to delete EnybenyCrypt Ransomware.

How does EnybenyCrypt Ransomware work?

EnybenyCrypt Ransomware, just like SymmyWare Ransomware, ShutUpAndDance Ransomware, and hundreds of other threats, was created using the Hidden Tear open source code. It can be used by anyone with malicious intentions, and tracking down the actual assailant is basically impossible. This is why ransomware is thriving, and new threats emerge every single day. Also, attackers do not hold onto one threat. With the help of open source codes and ransomware builders, they can jump from one threat to the next in no time to ensure that no tracks are left behind. Attackers also like to use various methods of malware distribution. Most use spam emails to spread threats, but malicious installers and unsecured remote access could be used too. Of course, it is important to know how EnybenyCrypt Ransomware got in if you are planning on removing this threat manually because if you do not know where the launcher is, it is unlikely that you will be able to delete it yourself. Do not worry if you have no idea where to find the threat because manual removal is not your only option.

Of course, before you start thinking about EnybenyCrypt Ransomware removal, you might consider other options. There aren’t many. One of them is to turn off your computer and ignore the problem. The other one is to take your computer to an expert, who might or might not be able to help you. Finally, you also have the option to email the creator of EnybenyCrypt Ransomware at rsupp@protonmail.ch. This is what all victims of this malware are instructed to do via the “Hack.html” file that the infection creates. If you go along with this option, a ransom payment will be demanded from you, and we do not recommend paying it! In fact, we do not even recommend emailing cyber criminals because there is a chance they could flood you with other malicious files, or they could try to extract sensitive information about you. Ultimately, even if the corrupted files with the “.crypt888 file.exe.crypt888” extension appended to them are important to you, it is unlikely that you can do anything to recover them. Hopefully, you have backups, and you can access your files once you delete the infection.

How to delete EnybenyCrypt Ransomware

Removing EnybenyCrypt Ransomware manually can be too complicated if you do not know the exact location of the launcher of this malicious threat. If you do not have experience that would help you identify malware files, it is unlikely that you will be able to clear your system using the instructions below. As you can see, we cannot provide you with the location or the name of the threat. That is not the end of the world, however. You can install anti-malware software and have EnybenyCrypt Ransomware deleted automatically. This method is recommended because if other threats exist, they will be eliminated as well. Also, the software will reestablish full-time protection to ensure that malware cannot attack in the future. If you want to guarantee that your personal files cannot be affected again, be sure to back them up. We recommend using virtual cloud drives or external physical drives.

Removal Instructions

  1. Delete all recently downloaded files.
  2. Delete all copies of the ransom note file, Hack.html.
  3. Install a trusted malware scanner.
  4. Perform a full system scan to check for leftovers.
  5. Remove the remaining threats, if any are found. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of EnybenyCrypt Ransomware*

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