Enjey Crypter Ransomware

What is Enjey Crypter Ransomware?

Enjey Crypter Ransomware is another file-encrypting application similar to threats like Crysis Ransomware. It is reported the malware should be distributed via Spam emails, so users have to watch out for suspicious attachments coming from unknown sources. If you opened such a file by mistake and the computer got infected with this malicious program, we urge you to learn more about it by reading this report. In the article, we will discuss both the threat’s working manner and its removal. Plus, to make it easier for users to erase Enjey Crypter Ransomware manually we are placing deletion instructions just below the text, so you can simply slide below if you want to get rid of the infection as fast as possible. However, if the process seems to be a bit too complicated for you to handle, you should better use a reliable antimalware tool instead.

How does Enjey Crypter Ransomware work?

According to our specialists at Anti-spyware-101.com Enjey Crypter Ransomware should encrypt only personal files, such as photographs, pictures, videos, various documents, etc. In other words, data belonging to the operating system should not be damaged, so despite the fact you might be unable to access any of your personal files, the computer itself is supposed to work as usual. Data that the malicious program encrypts could be marked too, e.g. picture.jpg.encrypted.contact_here_me@india.com.enjey. Therefore, you can clearly see which files were damaged and which were not.

Moreover, after Enjey Crypter Ransomware finishes encrypting your private data, it might drop a text document called README_DECRYPT.txt. The message inside it says the malware’s victims can purchase a decryption tool if they write an email to the cyber criminals who created the infection. Apparently, the reply letter should tell you how much Bitcoins you would have to pay and where to transfer the money. Clearly, it is impossible to say whether the threat’s creators have the decryption tool or if they actually plan to deliver it. Thus, if you do not wish to risk losing your money in vain, we advise you not to contact the cyber criminals. Instead, we recommend removing the malicious program from the system. If you have copies of encrypted files on removable media devices, you could attach them after the malware is gone and recover at least some of the data that might have been lost.

How to erase Enjey Crypter Ransomware?

Users could try to get rid of the malicious application manually. This task might appear to be quite easy if you remember the infected file that was launched just before Enjey Crypter Ransomware appeared. In such case, all you have to do is navigate to the directory where it was saved and erase the file. If you need any guidance in this process, take a look at the instructions placed below. We can also suggest another way to deal with this threat if you do not want to or cannot delete the malware manually. In such situations, users could use a legitimate antimalware tool instead. Simply install it on the infected computer, do a full system scan and click the removal button once it appears. A reliable security tool is a good way to protect the system from various threats, so it is worth to consider acquiring one.

Eliminate Enjey Crypter Ransomware

  1. Press Windows key+E.
  2. Use the Explorer to navigate to the directory where the malicious file was saved, e.g. Desktop, Downloads, Temporary Files, and so on.
  3. Select the suspicious file and press Shift+Delete.
  4. Locate a document called README_DECRYPT.txt and erase it too.
  5. Close the Explorer.
  6. Restart the computer.
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