EncryptServer2018 Ransomware

What is EncryptServer2018 Ransomware?

A new malicious application has been discovered by specialists at anti-spyware-101.com. It has been named EncryptServer2018 Ransomware. One of the reasons it has such a name is because it encrypts files on servers and appends the .2018 extension to all affected files. Yes, this threat targets Windows Servers primarily, but we cannot guarantee that you will not discover this malicious application on your computer one day. If it ever finds a way to enter your system unnoticed, we are sure you will still soon find out about its entrance because you will discover a number of files encrypted. There is a reason why this malicious application locks files on compromised computers. Cyber criminals behind this infection use it as a tool to obtain money from users more easily. If your files have already been encrypted, and you are one step away from sending money to crooks, you should know that there are no guarantees that you will get a tool to decrypt your files. It is the main reason our specialists do not consider sending money to the author of the ransomware infection a good solution to this problem. Either way, the ransomware infection needs to be removed from the system completely as soon as possible.

What does EncryptServer2018 Ransomware do?

EncryptServer2018 Ransomware is a newly-discovered threat, but it does not differ much from other infections that belong to the crypto-malware category. That is, it mercilessly locks all files on systems it affects. You will soon realize that something is wrong with your files because you could no longer access any of them. In addition, you will see .2018 appended to all of them. Once this threat locks files, it leaves a message for users. To be more specific, it places Attention!!!!.txt on these affected computers. The first sentence of the ransom note tells victims what has happened to their precious files: “All your files on this server have been encrypted.” Also, there is a unique ID and an email address indicated in this file. Users are told to send an email to this email address “to restore the files.” This clearly shows that it acts exactly like a bunch of older ransomware infections. That is, it seeks to extract money from users. You will find out how much the decryption of files costs only after you contact cyber criminals, but we are sure the price will not be small, so if you are sure you are not going to pay a cent to crooks, there is no reason why you should write an email to the author of EncryptServer2018 Ransomware either. It should be noted that the ransomware infection does not remove itself from compromised machines after cyber criminals receive money, which means that you will need to delete this infection no matter what you decide to do.

Where does EncryptServer2018 Ransomware come from?

Researchers do not have much information about the distribution of EncryptServer2018 Ransomware, but they know one thing for sure – it slithers onto users’ computers without their knowledge. According to them, it is very likely that users themselves allow malicious software to enter their computers in most cases. It has been observed that ransomware infections are often spread as attachments in spam emails. Since they often look like harmless documents, users open them and end up with malware. It is only one of several tactics cyber criminals adopt to spread bad software. Ransomware infections can also enter users’ computers due to unsafe RDPs they use. Last but not least, users might download these infections from malicious websites. Ransomware-type infections are harmful threats that cause problems to users if they show up on their computers, so you should not leave your computer unprotected.

How to delete EncryptServer2018 Ransomware

You will not unlock your personal files by removing EncryptServer2018 Ransomware, but you could go to restore them from a backup after you eliminate this nasty infection from your system. It does not seem to be one of those sophisticated threats, so it should be possible to remove it from the system by erasing the malicious executable file and the ransom note dropped. You should follow our instructions provided below if you have never deleted any malicious application yourself. Make sure you erase all components of this threat so that it could not revive.

EncryptServer2018 Ransomware removal guide

  1. Check the Downloads folder and your Desktop.
  2. Delete suspicious executable files.
  3. Remove Attention!!!!.txt.
  4. Empty Trash.
  5. Use a diagnostic scanner to find out whether all malicious files have been removed. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of EncryptServer2018 Ransomware*

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