Email Users Are Warned to Look out for the 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam

What is Email Users Are Warned to Look out for the 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam?

Do you receive many emails every day? If you do, you might be quite careless when you open them. While opening emails will not get you into trouble, interacting with them by opening attached files, clicking links, or responding to strange messages could be very dangerous. The 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam is the newest one that you need to look out for because the schemers behind it are trying to trick people into making unnecessary payments. Have you made a payment already? Hopefully, that is not the case because getting it back is not possible. We hope that you have not sent any messages back either because that could be dangerous too. The only logical thing to do is to delete 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam message, and that is what you want to do as soon as possible.

The message represented via the 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam is completely bogus. It is structured as a sextortion scam, which means that the attackers behind it are trying to make it seem as if they hold provocative, scandalous content over the heads of their targets. More specifically, the attackers claim that they have video recordings of the victims watching pornographic content. Web cameras attached to our computers and laptops or integrated into our mobile devices can definitely be hacked, and cybercriminals can perform illicit recordings, but that does not mean that the schemers behind 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam have anything on you. In fact, it is a scam, and they are simply using shocking and intimidating threats to convince you that you are in big trouble. Well, if you decide to respond to the email, you could get in trouble, but if you remove it, you will be able to forget about it completely.

The 'I'm a programmer who cracked your email account' Scam is very similar to the 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam, as both of them try to convince the victim that the senders have something incriminating. They do not, but the recipients of the email cannot know it, unless they are sure that no one could have spied upon them visiting pornographic websites. Once you receive an email with the “My name is Jeanson James Ancheta, AKA ancheta-2yo on darkweb!” subject line, you ought to remove it instantly. If you open it instead, you are informed that someone has been spying on you for ten months, which, without a doubt, is an intimidating statement. The schemer uses the scary message to convince you that the alleged video can go away only if you pay 650 US Dollars within 36 hours. It is stated that failure to comply would result in the video getting sent to everyone in the contacts of the allegedly hacked email account. None of this is true, and you should pay no attention.

If you are tricked into thinking that the 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam message is real, you are meant to pay a $650 ransom in the form of Bitcoin, which is a crypto-currency. You are supposed to send it to 13z8jRK5z9PkVdim6nfmH4Qqqk6UAmycJr, 1NJAqyvy8zJYrnD2x9kox1BqYgfu7Zpdrz, or another 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam-related Bitcoin wallet. However, if you do not have that kind of money, you might decide to send the attacker a message to see if you can work out some kind of a deal. Do NOT do this. The email is bogus and the attacker does not have any incriminating or embarrassing material. By sending them a message, you would be exposing yourself to them, and they could focus on you solely. The last thing you want is to have your inbox flooded with terrorizing messages. Furthermore, the attacker could try to scam you in the future or even sell your email address to another scammer. Overall, you should neither contact the attacker nor pay the ransom.

Are you worried that your email account was hacked for real? Although in the case of 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam, that is just a trick to make you feel vulnerable, you can definitely change your password to ensure that you are 100% safe. Obviously, when changing the password, you should not go for something easy, and you should not make a slight modification to the previous password. Easy-to-remember passwords are vulnerable, and it takes only a few moments for an attacker to figure out a new password if it is just a different variation of an old one. When creating a password, make sure that it is unique, long, contains symbols, and does not contain personal data. As for emails, once you report and remove 'Jeanson J. Ancheta' Email Scam message, you need to stay alert because the next message you receive could be sent by schemers too.

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