Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware

What is Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware?

If you run Windows, you have to watch out for Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware. This ransomware was created to encrypt your personal files, and let us assure you that it can encrypt pretty much all of your personal files. Once that is done, the “.eknkfwovyzb” extension is appended to them, and that is how you can assess the damages done. Unfortunately, fixing these damages is easier said than done. In fact, at the time that Anti-Spyware-101.com researchers analyzed this malware, there was no guaranteed way to get the files decrypted. The attackers behind the infection want you to believe something else, but we must warn you that this malware is just as dangerous as Wannacry666 Ransomware, Moba Ransomware, NYPD Ransomware, and thousands of other threats alike. Hopefully, the damages are not permanent, but that depends on what kinds of measures you have taken prior to the attack of this malware. Continue reading to learn more about that, as well as how to delete Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware.test

How does Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware work?

Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware is not part of a magic trick. It does not appear out of thin air or like a rabbit out of a hat. Instead, its creator has to set up emails or downloaders to spread it. The launcher file could be concealed as a document or a launcher of an attractive program, and this is how cybercriminals could trick people into executing it themselves. RDP vulnerabilities and other active infections could be used too, which is why you have to be cautious about all security backdoors that could be exploited. Unfortunately, many Windows users realize that they need to take security precautions only after facing malware attacks. The thing is that while some infections can cause damage that is reversible, Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware can be much more destructive. It encrypts all personal files, and decrypting them manually is not possible. Free, legitimate tools that could do it did not exist at the time of research either. So, what are your options? You could use backups to replace the files, but that is a valid option only if you have created copies and placed them in secure backup prior to the attack.

Another option is proposed by the attackers behind Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware, and they propose that you send them an email. Can sending attackers a simple message help you restore your files? Of course, it cannot, and that is why we suggest that you pay no attention to the message represented via the “HOW TO RESTORE YOUR FILES.txt” file. It suggests that you can recover all files as soon as you send three files to bcpfile17@tutanota.com or doctorhelp2120@cock.li. However, if you do that, you might open the backdoor to new attacks. Also, there are NO guarantees that a decryptor would be offered to you after paying the ransom, and we are sure that that is what would be requested in the end. So, if you want to keep your money to yourself, and if you do not want to expose yourself to cybercriminals, focus on the removal of Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware, not contacting attackers.

How to delete Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware

We do not know if you can remove Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware manually. Where is the launcher of this malware? What is the name of the file? These questions cannot be answered because every victim might face a file with a unique name. The manual removal guide below lists a few locations that you can check for the malicious file, but we cannot know for sure that that is where it exists. And we cannot know if you will be able to identify it yourself. Without a doubt, the manual removal option is not for everyone. Luckily, anti-malware software can be used successfully by everyone. We suggest that you install this software now to have Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware deleted automatically. Besides clearing your system, this software can also secure your operating system, which is most important. Afterward, we hope that you can replace the corrupted files with backup copies. If you want to ensure file safety in the future, always use backups.

Removal Guide

  1. Simultaneously tap Windows and E keys to open File Explorer.
  2. Place the cursor in the quick access field and enter %USERPROFILE%/Desktop. Do the same with %USERPROFILE%/Downloads and %TEMP%.
  3. If you can identify a malicious launcher file, Delete it ASAP.
  4. Also, Delete the ransom note file, HOW TO RESTORE YOUR FILES.txt.
  5. Exit File Explorer and then Empty Recycle Bin.
  6. Install a genuine malware scanner to help you examine your system for leftovers. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Eknkfwovyzb Ransomware*

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