EduCrypt Ransomware

What is EduCrypt Ransomware?

EduCrypt Ransomware is a peculiar ransomware application that exists for a single purpose only: to teach you a lesson. At least this is what the infection claims when it enters your system. There is no ransom to pay and no email to send. However, the danger is real as the program does encrypt some of your files. In this description, we will tell you how to remove EduCrypt Ransomware from your computer, and how to restore your files using various methods. Due to the nature of this infection, it is a lot easier to deal with the infection consequences, so you should be able to restore your files in no time.testtest

Where does EduCrypt Ransomware come from?

What we mean by the “nature” is the fact that this program is a complete rip-off. It means that it is not an original application. Most of its functions and frameworks were copied from another infection. During our tests, we have found that EduCrypt Ransomware is based on the open source Hidden Tear ransomware. What’s more, the code used by this infection is severely stripped down. That is to say; it is not as complicated as the original Hidden Tear ransomware.

Also, unlike your usual ransomware programs that get distributed via spam email messages, EduCrypt Ransomware spreads through shady websites. The installer for this ransomware program often masquerades as something else. For instance, it might pretend to be a Skype updater or an additional Skype tool. If you encounter such a thing on a third-party site, you should avoid it no matter what. Keep in mind, downloading software components from unfamiliar websites is never a good idea. Instead of acquiring the actual program, you might end up getting infected with the likes of EduCrypt Ransomware.

What does EduCrypt Ransomware do?

As mentioned, this program does encrypt your files, but it does not ask for any kind of ransom payment. It targets a limited amount of folders, and only a small amount of file types. Also, ransomware programs often establish connection with their command and control centers, but EduCrypt Ransomware does not do that. Instead, it displays the following notification on your screen that says:

Well hello there, seems you have a virus!, Well, you are going to get the decryptor which is here Don't Download Random Shit On The Internet A Hidden .txt File Has Been Created With The Decrypt Password! Find It!

As you can see, the program really looks like a spook that has been developed to give users a lesson. Nevertheless, we would not recommend downloading the decryption tool from the link given in the notification. For all its worth, it might be yet another scam, devised to infect you with dangerous malware.

What’s more, there is enough ground to believe you have more unwanted and dangerous programs on your computer, so when you remove EduCrypt Ransomware from your system, you should scan your computer with a legitimate antispyware tool that would help you terminate all the dangerous threats.

How do I remove EduCrypt Ransomware?

We will give you manual removal instructions for EduCrypt Ransomware, but if you do not feel like doing this on your own, you can always resort to using an automatic spyware removal tool. This way, you will be able to protect your PC from similar intruders, and your system will be safe and clean again.

As far as your files are concerned, you can restore them from a backup drive (if you have one). If not, please search for the decryption tool for the Hidden Tear ransomware. You will definitely find one on computer-security related websites. What’s more, EduCrypt Ransomware also hides a decryption key in a text file on your computer. The name of the file is DecryptPassword.txt. This key is hard-coded, and it will work for every single affected computer: HDJ7D-HF54D-8DN7D.

If you still require assistance with restoring your files and protecting your PC from serious harm, do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a comment below. Our team is always ready to help you. Also, please make sure to stay away from unfamiliar websites that may lead to severe computer infections. Your web surfing habits are just as important as the security program you install on your PC.

Manual EduCrypt Ransomware Removal Guide

  1. Use the given decryption key to decrypt your files.
  2. Delete the malicious file you have downloaded the last.
  3. Delete the Read.txt file from your Desktop.
  4. Delete the DecryptPassword.txt from your PC.
  5. Scan your system with the SpyHunter free scanner. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of EduCrypt Ransomware*

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