What is eBlaster?

eBlaster is a keylogger which is able to monitor your computer activity. Usually eBlaster is installed by employers, parents or other persons who want to track someone. There is a possibility though, that malicious piece of software (or named somehow differently) can enter your computer bundled with other malware, and you will never know that something is wrong or that eBlaster is logging your activity, because it hides itself from the user.
Usually the information is record by logging the keystrokes that you make. Sometimes it can also capture screenshots of your desktop and store them deep in your system. eBlaster is also able to monitor you Internet activity by recording every incoming or outgoing email, instant messages and the websites you visit. Due to the fact, that eBlast is able to connect to the Internet, all the information collected by this keylogger, even the programs you open and when you turn on/turn off your computer, can be automatically sent to a third party. Later on, this information can be used for various financial or research purposes.

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