What is EasyScan?

EasyScan is a fake disk repairing tool and should be avoided at any cost. The best way to fully guard yourself against EasyScan is by learning the facts and understanding exactly what it does. EasyScan has been created by rogue software makers who are trying to steal money from amateur computer users by using various aggressive tactics in order to push them into stressful situations.
EasyScan will usually be installed without user permission through a driveby download or by the help of a serious trojan. After installation EasyScan will show various warning messages about your disks errors. Furthermore EasyScan may block Your internet connection and even block other legitimate antispyware programs. One must understand that EasyScan doesnt have any real disk fixing functions and after the purchase it will only hide the warning messages for about six months.

Be aware of this bad program and remove EasyScan as soon as possible.

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