Easy News Now

What is Easy News Now?

Easy News Now is a potentially unwanted program, so it is advisable to learn more about it before deciding if you want it on your browser. Potentially unwanted programs can have undesirable functionality. Also, they often have exaggerated descriptions to attract users, but once users realize that the tool is not as useful as they thought it was, they want to get rid of it. If you feel the same way about this browser extension, we can offer you our removal instructions available at the end of this article. They show how to delete Easy News Now manually. On the other hand, if you want to know more about this potentially unwanted program, like where it might come from or how it might work, we encourage you to read our full article.testtest

Where does Easy News Now come from?

We can see that Easy News Now is available on the Chrome Web Store page at the moment of writing. However, we are unsure of how many users would want to download it after reading user reviews on the mentioned platform. To be more precise, they say that the extension redirects them to websites they do not want to visit. One user says that he does not know how he got it, and another use calls it annoying. However, besides the Chrome Web Store page, the application could also be spread through its official websites and pop-ups, file-sharing websites, or advertisements. Therefore, we advise choosing your tools and the sources you obtain them from carefully, if you do not want to end up installing potentially unwanted programs. First, you should learn if they come from reputable developers. Then you should check expert and user reviews, just watch out for fake reviews that might be exaggerating to make the tool seem extremely beneficial or advanced.

How does Easy News Now work?

Unlike similar browser extensions that are also classified as potentially unwanted programs, Easy News Now does not change a user’s default search engine, homepage, or new tab page with some search website. What the extension does is opens a pop-up window with links to news websites. Such functionality is probably supposed to provide users with “the fastest way to discover breaking news.” However, the pop-up window could be annoying. Not to mention that users can get to search websites the same fast as clicking links on the extensions pop-ups by bookmarking them.

Furthermore, users ought to know that Easy News Now might view their browsing history. Again, such functionality might be unwanted as some users do not like sharing such data with potentially unwanted programs or any applications at all. Browsing history can reveal what kind of websites you visit, what you look up on the Internet, as well as what ads you click. Such data is often used to generate targeted advertisements. We do not know if this potentially unwanted program could show such content, but there is a possibility that it could, given that the earlier mentioned reviews say that claim that the extension redirects them to third-party websites.

How to erase Easy News Now?

If you decide that you have no use for such a potentially unwanted program on your system, you could delete Easy News Now. Our researchers at Anti-spyware-101.com have prepared removal instructions that show how to remove the extension manually. You can find them at the end of this paragraph. The other way to eliminate Easy News Now is to scan your computer with a legitimate antimalware tool of your choice. After the scan, you should be able to erase it by pressing the displayed deletion button.

Remove Easy News Now

  1. Go to Google Chrome.
  2. Insert the following link into the browser’s address bar: chrome://extensions
  3. Press Enter and search for Easy News Now.
  4. Click Remove and press Remove to confirm.
  5. Close the Extensions menu.
  6. Restart your browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Easy News Now*

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