Dualshot Ransomware

What is Dualshot Ransomware?

Dualshot Ransomware is a dangerous threat that could lock your important files to make them unusable. Afterward, the threat shows a ransom note in which the malware’s creators demand their victims to pay ransom. Thus, it looks like the malicious application was developed to extort money from users who do not back up their files. If you found this threat on your system, we advise you to read the rest of this article to learn more about it. In the text we talk about how this malicious application could be spread, how it works, and how you could eliminate it. If you are interested in its deletion, we advise checking the removal instructions that you can find at the end of this article. They show how to manually erase Dualshot Ransomware from your system.testtest

Where does Dualshot Ransomware come from?

Threats like Dualshot Ransomware are often spread with malicious files and that can be delivered to targeted victims via email. Also, our researchers say that such threats could be spread through malicious file-sharing web pages, pop-ups, and ads. Thus, you should watch out both for suspicious files that you get via email and data that you encounter while surfing the Internet. If you are not sure that a file is safe to open, you should not interact with it. Another thing that you could do with suspicious files is scan them with a legitimate antimalware tool that could tell if they are malicious or not. A scan should not take too long, and it can save your system from various infections.

How does Dualshot Ransomware work?

The malware was programmed to encrypt various picture and document formats. As for other files located on an infected device, such as program data, the malicious application should leave it be. As for targeted files, Dualshot Ransomware should lock them with a secure encryption system and append a second extension called .dsec to them. The moment that all files get encrypted, the threat should restart the computer.

After a restart, victims ought to see a window called “Warning” on their screens. The window should show a note written in white letters and displayed on a blue background. The text should say that your files were encrypted and that you cannot decrypt them without tools that the malware’s creators have. The bad news is that they demand paying ransom first and then promise to send the decryption tools that they claim to have. Of course, you cannot be sure that Dualshot Ransomware’s creators will do what they promise. They could take your money if you send it without sending the decryption tools to you. As a result, you would lose your money for nothing. If you do not want this to happen, we advise not to deal with hackers. If you have backups, you might be able to replace encrypted files, in which case you would not need decryption tools.

How to erase Dualshot Ransomware?

You could try to erase Dualshot Ransomware manually if you think that you can handle the task. The instructions available at the end of this article can help you locate and remove the data associated with the malware. The other way to eliminate Dualshot Ransomware is to scan your computer with a reputable antimalware tool. During the scan, the chosen tool should identify the files belonging to the malware and once the scan is over, you should be able to get rid of all detected items by pressing the displayed removal button.

Restart your system in Safe Mode with Networking

Windows 8/Windows 10

  1. Click Windows key+I if you have Windows 8 or open the Start menu if you use Windows 10.
  2. Click the Power button.
  3. Press and hold the Shift key and click Restart.
  4. Select Troubleshoot and pick Advanced Options.
  5. Click Restart after the Startup Settings window gets loaded.
  6. Press the F5 key to restart in Safe Mode with Networking.

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

  1. Navigate to Start, access the Shutdown options, and click Restart.
  2. Press and hold the F8 key when the device starts restarting.
  3. Choose Safe Mode with Networking from the Advanced Boot Options window.
  4. Click Enter and log on to the computer.

Eliminate Dualshot Ransomware

  1. Press Windows key+E.
  2. Search these directories:
  3. Look for the malware’s installer, right-click the malicious file, and press Delete.
  4. Navigate to this location: %LOCALAPPDATA%
  5. Find an .exe file created by the threat that can be named DSNWIN1829.exe, right-click it, and choose Delete.
  6. Exit File Explorer.
  7. Empty Recycle Bin.
  8. Restart the computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Dualshot Ransomware*

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