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What is Download Office Tools?

If you do not own Microsoft Office programs and if you need to convert files to formats you cannot convert yourself, Download Office Tools might seem pretty useful. This extension works only on Google Chrome, but it is always possible that we will see versions of this add-on created for other browsers. If that is what you are dealing with right now, continue reading the report, and post a comment below so that our research team could update the manual removal guide below for you. Because you are reading this report, we assume that you already have your reasons to delete Download Office Tools from your browser. Perhaps you do not like the service offered, and maybe you have realized that the integrated search tool cannot be trusted. Whatever the case might be, we have got you covered. Keep reading to get more information about the extension, or scroll down to find the removal guide you came here for.test

How does Download Office Tools work?

Did you download Download Office Tools from at the Chrome web store? If you did, you must have done that a while ago, because this installer is no longer available, and the installer button on is not yet redirecting to a different page. Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. is responsible for Download Office Tools, and most of its products are available on the Chrome web store, including Access Gov Docs, Email Search Tools, and Your Search Tool. All of these extensions are introduced as beneficial tools, but our Anti-Spyware-101.comresearch team classifies them as potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) because they are not useful or reliable. In fact, the same company has created hundreds upon hundreds of identical-looking PUPs, and it appears that the only function they actually serve is advertising. You might think that Download Office Tools was created to offer you access to,,,,, and other websites, but it all comes down to the search tool.

It would be unfair to say that Download Office Tools is completely useless. Once you download it, it changes the New Tab page on your Google Chrome browser, and it also modifies the settings to make New Tab appear as the homepage. So, every time you open your browser, you are introduced to links that route to websites, where you might be able to convert files. We suggest bookmarking these websites for easy access and then deleting Download Office Tools. That is because every time you open your browser, you are also exposed to an unreliable search tool by the PUP. If you type search keywords into the dialog box, you are routed to via, and the results are modified. The PUP checks your browsing history and it also places web cookies to record information about you, and then some of the information is passed on to advertisers so that the search results could be modified in an effective manner. Most likely, only if you interact with the sponsored links will the creator of the PUP earn any money. Could this be dangerous? We cannot say that it could not, and if you do not want to put your security at risk for a few easy-access links, you should consider removal.

How to delete Download Office Tools

Now that you know more about Download Office Tools, what are you going to do? If you decide to delete this PUP, you can follow the instructions below. Do not forget to clear browsing data as well because web cookies are placed by the extension to track information about you. If you are also looking for the best way to secure your operating system and all installed browsers, we suggest looking into employing anti-malware software. It can ensure the full removal of Download Office Tools and other threats (if they exist) and also the full protection of your operating system. While protecting your system might not seem like a big deal right now, keep in mind that trojans, ransomware, password-stealers, keyloggers, spyware, and other kinds of threats exist, and your inability to protect your system could lead to their invasion.

Removal Instructions (Google Chrome)

  1. Open the browser and tap keys Alt+F together.
  2. In the Chrome menu, click More tools.
  3. Click Extensions to find the unwanted add-on.
  4. Click the Remove button to get rid of it.
  5. Tap Alt+F keys again and click Setting.
  6. Click Clear browsing data (under Privacy and security).
  7. Select a time range and choose boxes.
  8. Click Clear data and then restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Download Office Tools*


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