What is Downadup?

The Downadup, which also goes by the name of Conficker and Kido, is a wicked worm. Downadup can get into your PC because of weaknesses in MS08-067 Windows. The Downadup worm is very dangerous because it can keep infecting other computers over your network and spread by doing the same with another PC that it infects. Because the Downadup worm can spread so easily and fast, it is causing a major problem for PC's all around the world. Experts have already estimated that Downadup has already infected over 8.9 million computers. Microsoft has reacted right away by releasing a patch to fix the Windows weakness and flaw. The problem though is that there are many computers that do not have this Microsoft patch installed and this still makes them sitting ducks to the horrible Downadup infection.

Downadup can do some serious damage to your system. For one, Downadup changes your Window settings so that it can infect other PC`s that are over your network. Downadup can also make copies of itself each time that it reboots.
One of the most evil things that Downadup can do is to stop you from being able to visit many security websites so that you will have a hard time removing the infection. The best advice is to run scans with reliable anti-virus and anti-virus software to detect and remove this monstrous infection.

Downadup Bad Behavior:

  • Downadup may install without your consent.
  • Downadup may install other types of spyware/adware.
  • Downadup may compromise your privacy and security.
  • Downadup may be difficult to uninstall.
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  1. Thank you for the information. I have AVG Free installed on my machine; it detects downadup once in every thirty seconds ! What is needed is a method for preventing repeated reinfections. I am told that Microsoft has a patch...

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