Doublelocker Ransomware

What is Doublelocker Ransomware?

Doublelocker Ransomware is a dangerous program that will lock your Android device and demand that you pay to restore your files. Unlike desktop ransomware infections, this program might be somewhat harder to remove because users are seldom acquainted with how their Android OS works. However, there are ways to remove Doublelocker Ransomware, although you may have to refer to a professional technician. The most important thing is that you have to get rid of this program, and you should never pay a single cent to the people behind this infection. Please remember that paying would not solve anything.

Where does Doublelocker Ransomware come from?

Ransomware programs often spread through spam emails, but when we deal with malware for Android, the distribution vector might be somewhat different. As far as we know, this ransomware program is distributed through a fake Adobe Flash pop-up. This pop-up urges users to update their Adobe Flash app. It may pop up into their screen when they access shady websites.

Normally, we are used to seeing various pop-ups when we use a desktop computer to browse the web. Pop-ups that tell users to update various programs are also commonplace. Therefore, for a moment, you might think that this pop-up that says you need to update Adobe Flash on your mobile device is the real deal. But you have to stop right there and think for a second.

Android devices do not have such pop-ups. That is to say, the system itself notifies you about all the available updates, and there is no need to rely on such pop-ups. If a certain program needs to be updated, you can be sure that the system will tell you about it.

Unfortunately, quite a few users fail to consider such points, and they end up clicking the Update button on the pop-up. Eventually, they download Doublelocker Ransomware on their device and install the ransomware. And from there, the overall course of events is rather clear.

What does Doublelocker Ransomware do?

Well, just like most of the ransomware programs, this infection encrypts your files. The damage it inflicts on your device may also depend on whether your device is rooted or not. Some users choose to root their phones when they want to delete some built-in apps. Normally, the system will not allow you do that because the user does not have the administrator’s privileges by default. However, when the device is rooted, Doublelocker Ransomware (and many other infections for that matter), may affect your device at a far deeper level.

Thus, you should not be surprised to find all of your files encrypted. It will affect your files suing the AES-256 encryption algorithm. It is the same algorithm that is used by most of the ransomware programs that affect desktop computers. Normally, users are able to see the encrypted files, but this infection will not even let you check that because it will lock your screen with the ransom message. The notification will tell you to pay roughly $74 for the decryption, but that is obviously something you must not do.

After all, this is your mobile device we are talking about here. So it is very likely that you have most of your files backed up on your cloud drive or some other virtual storage. Perhaps, you have synced most of your photos with some storage service, and there is no need to fret about losing them. If that is the case, you can proceed with Doublelocker Ransomware’s removal.

If not, you may have to come to terms with the fact that some of your files might be lost for good. After all, even paying the ransomware may not guarantee that the criminals would give it all back to you.

How do I remove Doublelocker Ransomware?

As mentioned, deleting ransomware from mobile devices may be somewhat challenging. You will probably need to load the device in safe mode to restore factory settings. For that, it would be better to refer to a professional technician. If you do not know much about how Android devices work, it would not be a good idea to attempt to do everything on your own.

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