Dont_worry Ransomware

What is Dont_worry Ransomware?

Dont_worry Ransomware is a malicious application that was developed by cyber criminals. They create ransomware infections for only one purpose – they want to obtain money from people. This threat will not ask you kindly to send some money to its author. Instead, it tries to push users into sending money to cyber criminals by locking their pictures, music, and all other important files. Surprisingly, you will be told that you need to pay for the decryption service only after you write a message to the indicated email address. The majority of ransomware infections demand a ransom from users immediately after they lock files belonging to them. Since crypto-malware usually uses strong encryption algorithms to restrict access to users’ personal files, purchasing the decryptor from cyber criminals might be your only chance to unlock your data, but we still do not recommend sending money to the author of this threat. The reason why we say so is simple – we do not believe that you could unlock your files after paying the money required. Of course, you are the one who has to make the final decision in this case.test

What does Dont_worry Ransomware do?

Malware researchers working at say that Dont_worry Ransomware should share some similarities with Crypto_Lab Ransomware and AMBA Ransomware because they belong to the same ransomware family. Without a doubt, there is one thing that surely unites them – they all encrypt users’ files once they infiltrate their computers. Let’s talk about Dont_worry Ransomware in a more detailed way. As research conducted by our specialists has shown, this infection marks all files it affects with the{unique ID} extension. For example, the ordinary file file.jpg might become after its successful entrance. Without a doubt, a bunch of encrypted files is the first thing users notice after the infiltration of this malicious application, but it is not the only symptom showing that Dont_worry Ransomware is the one responsible for locking your personal data. You should also be able to locate a .txt file Dont_Worry.txt too if this is the threat you have encountered. This ransom note is written in Russian, which suggests that this infection targets only users who speak Russian. The file contains a short message for users that explains what has happened to their files. On top of that, users can find an email address indicated in it. They need to contact cyber criminals by writing to the provided email, but you should not waste your time doing that if you are sure that you are not going to send money to cyber criminals behind this ransomware infection. You could only restore your files from a backup if you are not going to purchase the decryptor. Free decryption software might be released in the future too, but, at the time of writing, it was not available.

Where does Dont_worry Ransomware come from?

Like other malicious programs, ransomware infections usually appear on those computers that are unprotected. We do not know what the reason you have this malicious application installed is in your case, but it is very likely that you have opened a malicious attachment from a malicious email and thus allowed it to enter the system yourself. You could have initiated its download and installation after clicking on a malicious link or a fake Download button too. Last but not least, this infection could have been dropped on your computer by another threat, e.g. a Trojan infection. We will help you to get rid of Dont_worry Ransomware in this case, but it does not mean that we will protect you from new malware. To stay safe, you will have to install a security application on the system yourself and become more cautious.

How to remove Dont_worry Ransomware

You do not need to be a malware expert to be able to erase Dont_worry Ransomware from the system yourself because this infection is quite simple. It works from where it has been launched, it does not block the screen, it does not drop any files, and, finally, it does not create any new entries in the system registry. Consequently, we are sure you will delete it manually quite easily. Of course, we do not say that it is the only removal method that can be adopted. All threats can be erased with an automated malware remover as well.

How to remove Dont_worry Ransomware

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Access the Downloads folder (%USERPROFILE%\Downloads).
  3. Delete all suspicious files.
  4. Check all folders on your computer.
  5. Remove Dont_Worry.txt from all of them.
  6. Clear Recycle bin. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Dont_worry Ransomware*

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