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According to our malware analysts, is a malicious search engine that was classified as a browser hijacker because of the methods used to distribute it. Researchers have found that it comes with malicious software installers that are set to inject it into your browser without your knowledge and replace its homepage address. This method of dissemination is nothing new because users are unwilling to change their preferred search engine to one that is unknown. Without a doubt is unknown, and it is unreliable because its search results can feature shady promotional links and ads that can jeopardize your PC’s security and your Privacy. Indeed, this hijacker can also collect anonymous information about you. To find out more, please read this description as it features our in-depth analysis of this hijacker.test

What does do? is supposed to be a search engine, but it is everything but that because it does not work. Indeed, at the time of this article, this browser hijacker is inactive and will not process the search queries you enter you enter into its search box. Nevertheless, this can change at any moment and if it does, then we want you to be aware of the fact that its search results can accommodate custom promotional links that redirect to questionable websites that can feature not so legitimate content such as pirated videos and audios as well as malicious software that can further compromise your computer’s security.

Our researchers say that the installers it comes bundled with for distribution are designed to inject it into the web browser that include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. And, they will replace the homepage address with Without a doubt, this hijacker is all about money and is bound to feature ads in its search results. Since it does not work at the moment, we do not know whether it redirects the entered search queries to a third party search engine such has Yahoo to present you with search results, but our researchers are almost certain that this hijacker does not have its own search algorithm.

In addition to promoting shady websites, this browser hijacker will also gather some information about you to make its advertising campaign more effective. Our malware analysts are of the opinion that, like most browser hijackers, should automatically gather anonymous information that can include but is not limited to entered search queries, browsing history, links clicked, Internet Protocol address, Internet Service Provider name, and approximate geographical location, among other things. This information may not personally identify you, but you should not allow this hijacker to collect it because its creators will use and misuse it to their advantage to make more money. Hence, this information will be used to present you with ads and links that correspond to your personal interests.

Where does come from? comes from the same secretive developers that are also responsible for publishing hijackers such as,, and As you can see, their names have 2016 in them which make it easier to associate them. Therefore, it is evident that this new browser hijacker comes from the same unknown developer that just got into the browser hijacker-developing game. Thus, we are sure that we will see more of them in the near future.

In regards to’s dissemination channels, our malware researchers have concluded that it has only one. It does not come with an application or browser extension. Therefore, it relies on third-party installers to install it onto your web browser. You may encounter malicious installers featuring this browser hijacker if you like to frequent shady free software hosting websites. The installers are said to install this hijacker secretly, without your knowledge or approval, so you might want to get rid of it since you might have got it unintentionally.

How to remove

As you can see, there is nothing useful about It is an undesirable search engine that does not work, but if it did, then if would show promotional links and gather information about you. Therefore, you should remove it, but if you do not know how to do it, then please consult the guide presented below. This hijacker does not hijack the browser shortcut’s Target, so removing it is a matter of selecting or entering a new URL in the homepage settings.

Homepage replacement instructions

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Simultaneously press Alt+T keys.
  3. Click Options and select General.
  4. In the Home page line, type a new homepage URL.
  5. Exit the Options menu.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Simultaneously press Alt+F keys.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. In the On Startup section, click Set pages.
  5. Delete
  6. Enter a new startup page URL in the address line.
  7. Click OK.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Simultaneously press Alt+T keys.
  3. In the Tools menu, select Internet Options.
  4. In the General tab, enter a new homepage URL.
  5. Click OK.
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