What is DOGCALL?

DOGCALL is one of those things that are hard to notice if you do not perform regular system security scans. It is a Trojan that is used to access a target system. The term for these infections is RAT – Remote Access Tool. It means that with this malicious threat on-board, someone gains access to your system, and then the infection can be used to perform a number of illegal activities. To remove DOGCALL, you actually need to be aware of the fact it is there. Thus, regular system scans with security tools are very important if you intend to protect your system from harm.

Where does DOGCALL come from?

This infection belongs to the APT37 malware family. There are multiple infections associated with this group. It wouldn’t be surprising if DOGCALL also came along with backdoors, keystroke loggers, and other type of malware that is there to steal important information.

Why would anyone need this tool? To be fair, there are lots of RAT infections out there that are used as espionage tools. According to the data we have, DOGCALL was created by the North Korean hackers. For the most part, the infection was used to infiltrate government entities and business companies in South Korea. The first attacks occurred in 2012, and the infection has been alive ever since.

There might be two ways for this infection to spread. First, users might infect their computers with this threat themselves when they open spam email attachments or when they download programs from unreliable sources. It clearly shows how careful we have to be when we work with content online. Even if a document you are about to open looks safe, you should still scan it with a security tool.

Also, DOGCALL could be dropped onto your system by another malware infection that is already there on your computer. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to your system security, to prevent dangerous infections from infiltrating your PC every single day. If you do not know how to protect your system, you should start from investing in a licensed antispyware tool, and then do not hesitate to educate yourself about certain cybersecurity aspects, too.

What does DOGCALL do?

Since this infection is a Trojan, the list of functions is practically endless. This program can do almost anything the attacker tells it to do. As you can probably tell, the remote access tool is there to collect sensitive information and send it back to its owner. Also, our research suggests that this Trojan can be used to drop other malware onto the target system. Therefore, it only proves that malware seldom travels alone.

Let’s take a look at the history of this infection to get a better picture of what it can do. We do know for sure that the criminals make use of reliable websites and platforms for their C&C communication. For instance, DOGCALL would use Twitter and Mediafire for that back in 2017. Lately, the infection has been using Dropbox, Yandex, and other cloud storage platforms for that.

What happens if DOGCALL remains on your system for a long time? Well, if this program infected a corporate computer system, you can be sure that it will steal all of your secrets and share it with its developer. Also, it is very likely that more dangerous threats will be downloaded and installed on your computer, so eventually, you will not be able to operate your machine. To prevent that from happening you have to remove DOGCALL from your system as soon as possible, and even after that, you should learn more about malware distribution networks, so you could avoid similar infections in the future.

How do I remove DOGCALL?

The best way to remove a Trojan is to employ an automatic malware removal tool. Automatic malware removal is the most efficient way to deal with such infections because the program will locate all the dangerous threats for you in the blink of an eye.

Of course, it is also possible to remove malicious files manually, but it could be too bothersome if you are not used to deal with cybersecurity problems on your own. Also, should you have more questions about DOGCALL, feel free to leave us a comment.

Manual DOGCALL Removal

  1. Remove the most recent files from Desktop.
  2. Delete the most recent files from the Downloads folder.
  3. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Click OK.
  4. Delete the most recent files from the directory.
  5. Run a full system scan with SpyHunter. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of DOGCALL*

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