Disk Repair

What is Disk Repair?

Disk Repair is nothing more than a false disk repair tool which will do everything it can in order to try and make your computer system a living nightmare until you purchase a certain license which actually does not exist. This is one big scam which was created by serious cybercriminals uses aggressive methods to install the Disk Repair program into ones computer without notice. Furthermore Disk Repair program will show massive amounts of warning messages that look just like real Windows messages. Disk Repair may even block all major security programs. All this is done to create an illusion that Disk Repair is the only way your computer will get fixed.
Dont believe any Disk Repair related warning messages and ignore the scan reports because they are only generated to scare amateur computer users. Uninstalling Disk Repair may be a real pain, because there is no easy uninstall function and one has to either find and delete all associated files, or chose and infection scanner that is capable of removing Disk Repair.

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