Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware

What is Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware?

If your operating system was invaded by Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware, you must have been introduced to a file named “_READ_IT_FOR_RECOVER_FILES.html” already. This file is created to represent the demands that the creator of this malicious threat has for you. Just like Cryptodark Ransomware, BrainLag Ransomware, Ransed Ransomware, and hundreds of other infections alike, this threat was created to encrypt your files and then demand ransom in return of a decryptor. In most cases, unfortunately, decryptors are not offered in return of ransom payments. Instead of getting files back, victims who pay money usually find themselves being scammed. So, if you do not want to lose your files and get scammed at the same time, you need to make sure that you defend your operating system against ransomware. If the devious infection has already found its way in, you need to remove Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware as soon as possible. Hopefully, you do not lose your files, but even if you do, deleting this infection is crucial, and the sooner you do that, the better.test

How does Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware work?

According to our Anti-Spyware-101.com malware analysts, Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware spreads via spam emails, which means that users play a part in executing this malware. Needless to say, if you receive a suspicious email, you should not open it, and you certainly should not open any files or links represented via it. That being said, malware creators employ all kinds of distribution methods, and so you have to be careful regardless of what you are doing and what kinds of content you are interacting with. Once the infection is in, it should start encrypting files right away. Now, we cannot confirm that at this moment because the tested version of the malicious Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware did not encrypt files at all. That does not mean that it will stay inactive long or forever. The chances are that this ransomware is still in development that and it will start encrypting files in the near future; if it has not started already. Once the files are encrypted, a unique extension should be added to their names to help the victim identify them. It is unnecessary to remove these extensions.

Once the encryption is done with, the “_READ_IT_FOR_RECOVER_FILES.html” should be created and launched. The message within this file suggests that “documents, photos, videos, databases and other files” will become accessible again only if you transfer a ransom that equals 0.1 Bitcoin to a specified Bitcoin Wallet (1L6PpSehR8V7YsZTc3L3F5RwbWoNma1nno). At the time of research, this sum was equal to 433 USD or 369 EUR, but the conversion rates change very fast, so be aware of that. As we discussed already, you could get scammed if you chose to follow the instructions, and you have to weigh this risk very carefully. If your files are backed up, there is no reason to try to recover the original copies. Note that you should check your backups on a malware-free computer. What about third-party file decryptors? Those exist, but you need to be cautious because you do not want to install more malicious threats. Also, legitimate file decryptors almost never work, so do not get your hopes up.

How to remove Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware

At the time of research, Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware was not spreading because it was still unable to encrypt files. If your operating system got infected and you were introduced to a scary ransom demand, you need to check your files first. If they were encrypted, you need to figure out what you should do fast. We do not recommend paying the ransom because it is unlikely to be exchanged for a decryptor. Hopefully, you have backups, and you will still have access to your files once the original copies are removed. Whatever happens, deleting Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware is imperative, and you should take care of that as soon as possible. Without a doubt, a legitimate anti-malware tool is the best thing for you because it can automatically remove existing malware. If you want to try erasing the ransomware manually, remember that its components could be camouflaged.

Removal Instructions

  1. Delete all suspicious files that you have downloaded prior to the infiltration of the ransomware.
  2. Delete the ransom file named _READ_IT_FOR_RECOVER_FILES.html (could have copies).
  3. Empty Recycle Bin to erase the malicious components.
  4. Install a legitimate malware scanner to examine your operating system. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Diamond Computer Encryption Ransomware*

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