Data Recovery

What is Data Recovery?

There is a family of rogues which appear to be very similar to legitimate antivirus applications. Data Recovery is one of these rogue antispyware applications and it is able to fool millions of users worldwide, because it has a sophisticated interface and it basically does not differ from a popular computer safeguard program. But that is only a nice cover of a very nasty book.

Data Recovery is a dangerous malware which has been designed to generate a mass of fake security alerts and notifications, indicating that your computer is under attack. These notifications should push you into paying for the full version of Data Recovery. Supposedly, that should protect your system against various threats and fix all the errors, but the reality is that with that purchase you reveal your banking information to cyber criminals who later on can totally sweep your bank account clean.

On top of that, Data Recovery will remain in your computer and will continuously damage it, slowing down your processes and messing up with your internet connection. In order to avoid it, remove Data Recovery from your system either manually or automatically. The manner of removal is a matter of your choice. As long as you get rid of this rogue completely, any type of removal is fine.

Warning, this parasite will block your Internet connection. Click here for instructions how to renew your Internet access.

It has been discovered that Data Recovery is, in fact, a fake system optimizer, coming from the same family as Smart HDD and HDD Rescue. This fake defragmenter, Data Recovery, will falsely claim that your system’s hard drives are in critical state, warning you with such bogus errors as removed data or local disk dysfunctions. See a few fake Data Recovery alerts:

Your computer is in critical state. Hard disk error detected.
As a result, it can lead to hard disk failure and potential loss of data. It is highly recommended to repair all found errors to prevent loss of files, applications and documents stored on your computer.

System blocks were not found. This has most likely occurred because of hard disk failure. This may also lead to a potential loss of data.

It is best to remove these false notifications and other Windows dysfunctions, which may occur, with this activation key:


If you want to remove Data Recovery manually, continue only if you have previous experience, because manual removal is highly demanding, and many PC users are known to have caused more damage than good by proceeding that way! Therefore, we advise to trust legal tools, as they will not only remove Data Recovery but will also make sure this or other rogues cannot invade again.

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Data Recovery Automatic Removal

If you are not particularly well-versed in computers this removal is for you. Automatic Data Recovery removal involves using a legitimate security program that scans your computer and finds all files related to the rogue, eventually deleting them for good. Automatic removal is safe, because no important system files will be deleted which CAN happen in case of a reckless manual removal. In the light of the fact that Data Recovery blocks your Internet connection (it needs to remain in your system for as long as possible after all), before continuing with the automatic removal, you should get the Internet back first. Here’s how you do it:

1)    Copy this activation key: 08869246386344953972969146034087 and pasted it into Data Recovery’s registration form along with any email address you can think of. Then click to “register” the rogue, and afterwards Data Recovery will behave as though you have really paid for it. Before the rogue comes back, open the Internet browser and download SpyHunter to erase Data Recovery for good. Follow the program’s guidelines, and once the removal is done, perform the system scan again, just the make sure that all malware-related files are gone.

2)    If you do not like using the activation key, you always download SpyHunter on a computer that is not infected by Data Recovery and then transfer the installation file into a USB flash, for example. Then stick the USB drive into the infected computer, copy & paste the installation file, install SpyHunter and exterminate Data Recovery for good.Manual Smart Fortress 2012 Removal 100% FREE spyware scan and
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Manual Data Recovery Removal

If you are not the one to entrust your system to a security program, you can always terminate Data Recovery on your own, and for that you need to know which files to delete and which processes to terminate. Please note, that it is advised to proceed with manual removal only if you are 100% sure of what you are doing, otherwise you might end up deleting important system files. To erase Data Recovery manually, do the following:

1)    Terminate these processes:2)    Open Registry Editor and remove key entries created by Data Registry. In order to load Registry Editor type “regedit” into Start Menu search box and press Enter, or, if you are using an older version of Windows, go to Start --> Menu and then type “regedit”. Press Enter and once Registry Editor loads erase the following registry entries:
3)    Finally, terminate the Data Recovery files:


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