What is DarkKomet?

If DarkKomet invades the operating system, it can record incredible amounts of highly sensitive data. The infection can record passwords, monitor the websites you visit, and even spy on you via webcam and microphone. There are many different variants of this malware because its malicious code was available for free to anyone interested at darkcomet-rat.com. This website is still alive, but if you visit it, you are informed that the “project” is no longer supported. In fact, it has been that way since 2012. The program – which is identified as a remote access tool (RAT) – was created in 2008, so it has been around for a solid 10 years now. Has it caused problems in that timeframe? Has it been used in a malicious manner? Of course, it has. In fact, it is one of the most vicious RATs out there, which is why it is so important to discuss its activity, distribution, and removal. Unfortunately, it is not easy to delete DarkKomet; at least, not manually. Nonetheless, your virtual security could depend on your success.testtesttest

How does DarkKomet work?

It is impossible to say how many different parties are using DarkKomet to attack vulnerable users, but there are a few strains of this malware that are researched more thoroughly. That is because these strains were used on a larger scale or attacked in a more aggressive manner. For example, it was discovered that the RAT was used to spy during the Syrian civil war. In a different scenario, the infection exploited the #JeSuisCharlie movement in 2015 to spread (the launcher was introduced to users along with an image of a child and the popular hashtag). The variants of DarkKomet that were researched more thoroughly were associated with bigger campaigns, but governments, large companies, and regular people were under attack. This is what separates this RAT from many others because most of them are targeted at specific targets, whereas this one could affect everyone. It all depends on the attacker. In most cases, it appears, spam was used to spread the infection. So, for example, if you received a suspicious email and then opened a document attached to it, the Trojan could have slithered in silently. Do you remember opening strange emails at any point? If you do, it is possible that you need to remove the RAT.

You are unlikely to realize right away that you need to delete DarkKomet from your operating system. In fact, you are most likely to notice this infection only if you scan your operating system or inspect a suspicious file after noticing it by accident. Of course, the RAT is not entirely silent, and if you are vigilant, you might realize that something is not right. For example, it is known that the Trojan can mess with the system’s power by restarting or shutting down the PC, or by logging you out. The RAT can also lock the computer at random times. Other than that, you should not notice when the infection starts spying on you via webcam or microphone, or when it logs keystrokes to record everything you type. Of course, we hope that you can spot and remove DarkKomet right away, but even if you do, do not forget about the damage that this malware might have caused already. Unplug your microphone and webcam (if possible) until you are 100% sure that your system is malware-free. Also, change passwords to prevent malicious parties from taking over your accounts and, for example, spreading malware using your name or even emptying your bank accounts.

How to delete DarkKomet

There is no doubt about it: DarkKomet is a tremendously malicious infection that must be removed right away. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. What kind of experience do you have when it comes to deleting malicious threats? If you have not done more than uninstall an unwanted application or remove an adware extension, you are unlikely to delete DarkKomet successfully on your own. As you know already, different variants exist, and they all might be dropped onto your operating system in unique ways. The list below shows a few locations on the Windows operating system where you might find the RAT, but we cannot promise you that you will be able to identify and remove malicious files even if you find them. What’s the solution then? We strongly recommend installing an authentic anti-malware program. It will instantly delete all existing malicious threats, and it will also reestablish your system’s protection to keep malicious threats away in the future.

Removal Instructions

Here are a few locations on the Windows operating system where the Trojan might hide:

  • %APPDATA%\Avocun
  • %USERPROFILE%\my documents\DCSCMIN
  • %USERPROFILE%\my documents\MSDCSC
  • %USERPROFILE%\documents\MSDCSC
  • %APPDATA%\dclogs
  • %HOMEDRIVE%\Windupdt
  • %APPDATA%\HostProcess
  • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
  • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
  • %TEMP%

To access these locations, tap Win+E to launch RUN and then enter the path into the field at the top. If you can identify malicious components, Delete them immediately. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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Stop these DarkKomet Processes:


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