CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking

What is CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking?

CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking is a malicious infection that works behind the affected user’s back. It is a Trojan, and thus, it can be hard to notice that this infection is there on your computer. When it comes to dealing with Trojan infections, it is necessary to employ regular system scans so that you would know immediately if something goes wrong. Then, it would be possible to remove CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking and other similar infections as soon as possible. It is also important that you employ powerful security applications to protect your system from similar infections in the future.

Where does CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking come from?

This infection is not your typical Trojan. Trojans usually enter systems disguising as something else. For instance, you might think you open a PDF document, but in truth, you launch a Trojan infection. However, rather than targeting computer systems, CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking is there to infect online cryptocurrency systems like Ethereum, Monero, Bitcoin, and so on. It means that this infection targets online cryptocurrency transactions, where instead of transferring money to your wallet, you literally give money away to the criminals, and CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking enables them to perform such malicious transactions.

To avoid CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking, you need to be really careful about the websites you visit and the files you download. Sometimes spam email messages can be enough to allow Trojans to enter target systems, especially if users download and open the attached files without questioning anything.

Also, sometimes Trojans get installed on target systems accidentally when users visit certain websites. If a web page is full of pop-ups, be careful about clicking on them. Maybe it won’t be related to CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking, but you might as well get infected with some other malware.

What does CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking do?

As mentioned, this Trojan targets cryptocurrency transactions. Normally, when you try to send money to someone, you enter the cryptocurrency wallet’s address. Since the address is often a complicated sequence of letters and numbers, it is very unlikely that users would just type it in. Instead, they tend to copy and paste it into the address line.

Now, CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking is a clipboard hijacker. It means that the infection can read and steal the information stored in your clipboard. Of course, this Trojan doesn’t steal every single piece of information that you might copy. Before it does any of the stealing, the infection analyzes the data stored in the clipboard. If it recognizes a cryptocurrency address, the infection changes the address with the one that belongs to the Trojan. In other words, when you paste this new address into the wallet address line, instead of sending your payment to the original receiver, you transfer everything to the criminals. And the theft is complete.

This kind of tactic has proved to be quite successful. Before CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking was even detected, the Trojan managed to collect more than $140,000 from innocent users. What’s more, there are bound to be several different versions of this infection, and they could spread across different systems worldwide.

Aside from stealing your money, this Trojan can also establish a connection to a remote server to receive more commands. With that, the criminals could gather information about your system. It is also quite common for Trojans to download more malware onto the target system, so you must apprehend and remove CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking as soon as possible.

Once again, it all boils down to the fact of how often to run regular system scans. Unless the people who didn’t receive your payments do not notify you about it, it might take a while to realize that something went wrong.

How do I remove CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking?

The truth is that it is always possible to remove Trojans manually, but users seldom choose to do that because it is troublesome and annoying. Not to mention, it would be challenging for users who are not used to how their computer’s system works.

Even so, we have prepared manual removal guidelines you can find below this description. If you do not want to remove CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking manually, you can terminate the infection automatically with an antispyware tool of your choice. Please do not hesitate to invest in a powerful security application that would protect your system from similar intruders in the future.

Manual CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking Removal

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and Task Manager will open.
  2. Click the Processes tab.
  3. Highlight suspicious process and click the End Process button.
  4. Delete suspicious files from Desktop and the Downloads folder.
  5. User the Win+R command to access %TEMP% and %AppData% directories.
  6. Delete suspicious files from the said directories.
  7. Scan your computer with SpyHunter. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of CryptoShuffler Cryptojacking*

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