Cryptoshadow Ransomware

What is Cryptoshadow Ransomware?

Cryptoshadow Ransomware is most likely targeted at users who speak the Spanish language, although it does not mean other users cannot encounter it. What allows us to make such an assumption is the malware’s provided ransom note as its title, and the text inside are both in Spanish. However, since the ransom note does not provide any useful information, there is no difference whether you understand what is written in it or not. Apparently, the malicious program encrypts user’s data but does not ask for payment to be made in exchange for a decryptor. Given the circumstances, our researchers at recommend Cryptoshadow Ransomware’s removal. It will not unlock encrypted files, but keeping the threat on the computer will not help either. On the contrary, it could be dangerous, so it might be best to get rid of it either manually with the instructions located below or with a legitimate antimalware tool.testtest

Where does Cryptoshadow Ransomware come from?

Quite often malicious applications like Cryptoshadow Ransomware are spread through Spam emails. The victim could receive an attachment that looks like a text document, image, software installer, video file, and so on. In some cases, such files come with convincing letters from people who pretend to be from banks, shops, etc. There might be no text at all too, for example, the malware’s creators may try to provoke you to launch the attachment by naming the file so it would raise your curiosity. Therefore, it is not so simple to defend the system from ransomware, although you might increase your chances by acquiring a reliable antimalware tool. This way, you could scan suspicious files and identify infections before launching the file.

How does Cryptoshadow Ransomware work?

After the user executes file infected with Cryptoshadow Ransomware, the malware should begin the encryption process. During it, each document, photograph, image, or other personal files of the computer’s user should be encrypted with a strong encryption algorithm. Additionally, the malicious program might mark such data with a specific extension called .doomed, so you can instantly recognize files that were locked. As you realize, once your data is encrypted you can no longer use it.

Later, the threat should drop a ransom note (LEER_INMEDIATAMENTE.txt) on the user’s Desktop or any other location. Like we said at the beginning, it contains a short text written in Spanish. The strange part is that unlike other similar malware, Cryptoshadow Ransomware’s note does not say if the decryptor exists or how you could purchase such a tool. In fact, the text does not even say how to contact the malware’s creators. Perhaps, it is for the best since now you do not have to consider whether it is worth to risk losing your money and you can erase the malicious program without any hesitation. Generally, we always advise not to take any chances with ransomware creators, because sometimes users pay the ransom and still do not get the decryptor.

How to remove Cryptoshadow Ransomware?

If you decide to eliminate Cryptoshadow Ransomware manually, you will have to identify the suspicious file that infected the system and delete it. This task might appear to be rather complicated, so you should follow the instructions located below. Also, users can get rid of the malicious application with legitimate antimalware software. Firstly, acquire the tool and set it to scan the system. After the scanning is over, the tool should show you a report with a list of all detections. Next, there should be a removal button; simply click it, and the security tool will erase the detected threats.

Eliminate Cryptoshadow Ransomware

  1. Press Win+E.
  2. Locate the suggested directories: Downloads, Desktop, Temporary Files, etc.
  3. Search for a suspicious file you launched before the infection encrypted your data.
  4. Select the malicious file and press Shift+Delete.
  5. Find LEER_INMEDIATAMENTE.txt, mark it and press Shift+Delete.
  6. Exit Explorer and restart the computer.
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