Crypto-Loot Miner

What is Crypto-Loot Miner?

Are you familiar with Bitcoins? If you are not, understanding Crypto-Loot  Miner can be quite challenging. Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency that allows different parties to make transactions online without having to deal with banks. Bitcoins are created using a process called “mining.” A miner is an instrument that is used for the process, and they process transactions in return of new Bitcoins. That means that someone participating in the mining process earns money. For the most part, software is used to help everyone interested in this, but, unsurprisingly, new methods are created to make mining easier and more extensive. Right now, everyone is talking about miners that are embedded in websites. When the user visits the website, the CPU (central processing unit) of the user’s system is employed for the mining process. The money, of course, does not fall into the pocket of the visitor, but, instead, the party responsible for embedding the JavaScript. Can you delete Crypto-Loot Miner? Only website owners can do that.

How does Crypto-Loot Miner work?

Crypto-Loot Miner is a name of a script that is added to the site’s original script. Owners of the websites can inject the script to ensure that Bitcoin mining happens whenever someone visits the website. This is done using the power of CPU, and, according to research team, 50% of the CPU could be used when visiting websites running Crypto-Loot Miner. That is a lot. The JavaScript could also be injected by malicious parties who hijack websites for their own gain. In this case, malicious parties do not need to go through the trouble of creating websites and then attracting users. That is a very quick way to make money. How much money is earned depends on the traffic to the website. Overall, little effort is required, which is why both website owners and malicious parties are employing the suspicious miner. The worst part is that users are not informed about this, and their permission is not required, which is why mining Bitcoins using CPU has gained a terrible reputation.

Is it dangerous to have CPU drained by a Bitcoin miner? If Crypto-Loot Miner uses 50% of your CPU power, you are unlikely to face any serious damages; however, you need to remember that overexerted CPU can lead to overheating, which can lead to PC crashes. Overheating can also damage your computer’s components, which could, unfortunately, lead to irreparable damage. If you do not know how to check the usage of your CPU, you can launch Task Manager (tap Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and then click the “Performance” tab. The pane on the left side of the menu shows the percentage at which your CPU is used. Note that the percentage could spike up for various different reasons, and an increase is normal if you are doing something more exerting. If you go to the “Processes” tab in the Task Manager, you can check the CPU power used by the browser. This might be the easiest way to check if the website you are visiting is exhausting your CPU.

How to delete Crypto-Loot Miner

As we discussed already, you cannot remove Crypto-Loot Miner because it is not an infection on your PC but a JavaScript embedded in the website running it. It can be difficult to figure out what is going on at first, but you might solve the mystery if you notice that the system is running slower than usual, and that the CPU usage drops back to normal when you close the website you are visiting. Is it dangerous to visit websites using Crypto-Loot Miner? It is not dangerous for your virtual security, but you have to be careful about overexerting the CPU because that could lead to overheating and system crashes. If you have questions about the suspicious Bitcoin miner, or you are still not sure if you can recognize it, feel free to start a discussion in the comments section. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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