.crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware

What is .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware?

.crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware is an old ransomware infection that was released around a year ago. If you happen to have this program on-board, you must have encountered some old spam campaign that led to the infection. Since the program is old, it is very likely that there is a public decryption tool available. Nevertheless, you should still back up your files on an external hard drive or a cloud drive because you can never know when other similar infection could enter your system again. Thus, when you remove .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware, make sure you protect your system from harm.testtest

Where does .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware come from?

Research suggests that this infection is another version of the Shade Ransomware or Troldesh Ransomware infection. Therefore, we can assume that .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware employs similar distribution tactics, and the program runs on a similar programming. However, just because there might be several programs based on the same code, it doesn’t mean that all of them can be removed in the same manner. Not all of them will accept the same decryption tool, too. It is important to understand that all ransomware programs are unique.

Although most of the ransomware infections spread through spam emails, we know a little bit more about how users get infected with .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware. It’s true that this program travels via spam emails, too. However, we know that the spam emails that carry this infection are delivered by the Kelihos botnet. It means that there is a network of infected computers that are used to deliver ransomware.

Also, instead of sending ransomware as a file attachment, the spam that delivers .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware comes with an outgoing link. By clicking that link, users initiate a download of a JS file or an MS Word file. When they download and open the file, the trigger a JS macro inside the file that downloads the main payload, and .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware enters their system.

What does .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware do?

There are also certain aspects of this program’s behavior that should put us all on high alert. Of course, we can already tell that the infection encrypts our files. It can affect all data files, and the program scrambles the filename, too. When the encryption is complete, the program adds the “.crypted000007” extension to the scrambled filename (hence the ransomware name, too). The program also changes the desktop background and drops a ransom note in every folder that contains affected files. The ransom note says the following:

All the important files on your computer were encrypted.
To decrypt the files you should send the following code:
to e-mail address pilotpilot088@gmail.com .
Then you will receive all necessary instructions.

Like most of the ransomware programs out there, .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware doesn’t tell you how much you are supposed to pay for the decryption key. Although everyone should know by now that paying the ransom doesn’t solve anything, trying to rip you off isn’t the only thing this infection does.

.crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware also drops a miner on your system. It means that there is a malicious program running on your computer that swallows up your system’s resources. So when you remove .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware from your PC, you also have to terminate all the malicious files associated with the infection, so that your machine wouldn’t be used to mine cryptocurrency. The best way to terminate this infection is by using an automated antispyware tool.

How do I remove .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware?

We will provide manual removal instructions right below this description, but you will see that the instructions are quite lengthy, and it you do not like dealing with this on your own, you should seriously just leave it to a professional antispyware application.

As for your files, you can restore them either with a public decryption tool or from a file backup (provided, you have one). If you need more file recovery options, feel free to leave us a comment or address a local technician. Since this infection is old, it should be possible to recover your files soon. Meanwhile, do everything you can to terminate the infection.

Manual .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware Removal

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and open Task Manager.
  2. Open the Processes tab and highlight malicious processes.
  3. Click the End Process button and exit Task Manager.
  4. Delete suspicious files from the Downloads folder.
  5. Delete suspicious files from Desktop.
  6. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Click OK.
  7. Delete the most recent files from the directory.
  8. Press Win+R and type %ALLUSERSPROFILE%. Click OK.
  9. Delete the csrss.exe and svchost.exe files from these folders:
  10. Delete the nheqminer.exe and a random name CMD format file from these folders:
  11. Reboot the PC and scan the system with SpyHunter. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of .crypted000007 File Extension Ransomware*

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