Cryakl Ransomware

What is Cryakl Ransomware?

Security experts at have recently come across an application called Cryakl Ransomware. They advise that you remove it as soon as you notice its presence. It is configured to encrypt files stored on your computer’s hard drive and then offer you to purchase the decryption key needed to decrypt them. The encryption method used ensures that the files are unusable, and it uses a strong hybrid encryption with a long key. Therefore, it will take time before computer security researchers develop a free decryption tool if they develop it at all.test

Where does Cryakl Ransomware come from?

Our malware analysts say that this ransomware was probably created by Russia-based cyber criminals because its ransom note is presented in the Russian language. As a result, it can only be disseminated in places where the victims can speak Russian which include most countries in Eastern Europe and some North Asian countries.

Research has revealed that this ransomware, like so many other ransomware-type malware, is disseminated using email spam. Oddly enough, the emails are written in English, and their text says that “Our finance department has processed your payment, unfortunately it has been declined. Please, double check the information provided in the invoice down below and confirm your details.” This invoice is an attachment that when opened runs the ransomware, and it will start the encryption process.

What does Cryakl Ransomware do?

This malware is configured to encrypt your photos, documents, videos, and other file types using a hybrid RSA and AES encryption. Our researchers say that this encryption is very strong, so it makes it very hard do decrypt when you do not have the private key that is uploaded to the C&C server. When this ransomware encrypts the files, it appends their names with the or email addresses and random characters. For example, an encrypted files name will look something like 1@44@46 PM7040822@@@@@B450-0913.randomname-ZABBCDEFFGHIJKKLMNOOPQRSTTTUVW.XYZ. Alternatively, it can append the file named with the .cbf file extension. This ransomware has many variations, so security researchers tend to call Cryakl Ransomware a ransomware family instead of a single program.

Once your files have been encrypted by this ransomware, it is too late to do anything about it. Currently, there is no way to decrypt the data because of its very strong encryption algorithm with a 2048-bit key. The brute forcing method is not an option because the key is too long. So your only option is to pay the ransom. However, we do not know how much money the criminals want you to pay because the ransom does not state the sum. After a successful encryption, the ransomware changes the desktop wallpaper with a ransom note written in Russian. The note gives you an email address for contacting the criminals who then give you instructions on how much and how you have to pay. Furthermore, the criminals use scare tactics to compel you to pay the ransom by stating that if you do not pay within one week of the encryption, then all of your file will remain encrypted forever. Do not trust the criminals to give you the key after you have paid.

How to remove Cryakl Ransomware?

We hope the information that we have provided was useful, and you are now ready to remove Cryakl Ransomware. Our researchers have concluded that this ransowmare’s encryption is very strong so decrypting the files with a third-party decrypter is out of the question. However, paying the ransom is also not an option because the criminals may ask for a lot of money and there is no guarantee that you will get the key once you have paid the ransom. So please follow the instruction below or use SpyHunter to delete this ransomware.

Removal Guide

  1. Press Windows+E keys.
  2. Enter the following paths in the File Explorer’s address box.
  • %TEMP%
  1. Look for service.exe and delete it if found.
  2. Then, press Windows+R keys.
  3. Enter regedit in the box and click OK.
  4. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  5. Find the value name pr with the value data for e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\service.exe and delete it.
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