What is Crossout.lnk?

Crossout.lnk has been classified as an adware helper by researchers at Users find it dropped on their Desktops after downloading and installing some kind of program from the web. You might wonder how this adware helper manages to appear on the system out of the blue, and we have a very simple explanation for you. It travels in software bundles and is dropped on users’ computers when they install the software bundle, which suggests that they contribute to its appearance in some respect. There is nothing beneficial about Crossout.lnk, so if you have located it on your computer, you should simply remove it. This shortcut is far from malicious software. We could not even call it dangerous, but you should still remove it. Do not keep suspicious items that have been dropped on your computer without your knowledge and make sure they do not have a chance to enter your system illegally again. Luckily, you will delete the shortcut dropped on your Desktop easily and quickly this time. Continue reading if you need more information.

What does Crossout.lnk do?

Even though Crossout.lnk is far from real malicious software, researchers have still analyzed it thoroughly to get more knowledge about it. Research has shown that this shortcut might have two different names: Play Crossout.lnk and Crossout - MMO action game.lnk. The shortcut works the same in both cases. That is, it opens the set URL. Only URLs these two shortcut versions promote differ. The first version (Play Crossout.lnk) contains and redirects to, whereas the second one (Crossout - MMO action game.lnk) holds and redirects to These links will not be opened automatically, but if you double-click on the Crossout shortcut, you will be taken to a page promoting the Crossout game. The page Crossout.lnk opens does not seem to be malicious, so, most probably, its purpose is to simply make the game more popular. Of course, it does not mean that you should keep random items that are dropped on your computer without your knowledge, so delete Crossout.lnk no matter you are going to play the game it promotes or not. You should do this with all suspicious items that show up on your computer out of the blue because some of them, unlike Crossout.lnk, might be malicious and cause you serious security-related problems.

Where does Crossout.lnk come from?

Users claim that they have found Crossout.lnk dropped on their computers out of blue, and, you know, we believe them because research has clearly shown that this shortcut is mainly distributed in software bundles. In other words, it travels together with various other applications that, most likely, are not associated with the promoted shortcut in any way. In most cases, users end up with additional components on their computers after downloading and installing free software from the web, so we believe this might be the reason why you can locate Crossout.lnk on your system too. It is not always an easy task to prevent these extra components from entering the system, but it does not mean that there is nothing you can do. Our specialists have two pieces of advice for you: 1) download applications only from reliable websites and 2) install new programs attentively, i.e. carefully read the information provided for you and do not skip installation steps too quickly. Needless to say, you should also install a security application on your computer for the maximum system’s protection.

How to delete Crossout.lnk

If you can locate Crossout.lnk on your Desktop, delete it without further consideration because it is not some kind of useful item that you should keep. Instead, it only promotes Crossout, a free MMO action game – you will see an advertisement every time you double-click on the shortcut. We can assure that you will remove Crossout.lnk easily. You just need to select it and tap Delete on your keyboard. In other words, you will delete it like any other ordinary file. We have placed the manual removal guide below this report just in case.

Crossout.lnk removal guide

  1. Locate Play Crossout.lnk or Crossout - MMO action game.lnk on your Desktop.
  2. Select it.
  3. Tap Delete on your keyboard.
  4. Empty Trash. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Crossout.lnk*

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