Crimson RAT

What is Crimson RAT?

Originally, Crimson RAT is a publicly available, free Remote Administration Tool (RAT), which can be altered and used for malicious purposes by cyber criminals. We could say metaphysically that this tool is like a knife; it can be very useful when used for what it was designed for but can also be very dangerous in the wrong hands. This is exactly what happened to this application and cyber villains may use it for all kinds of malicious tasks operating on your system. Our malware specialists at say this the spin-off tools of this program are indeed Trojans that can infiltrate your computer without your knowledge and run different malicious operations behind your back. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you remove Crimson RAT from your PC and make sure that there is no other single threat present as well. Please continue reading our report if you would like to learn how to protect your PC against similar dangerous threats.

Where does Crimson RAT come from?

This Trojan can sneak onto your system in a couple ways. For example, it can be disguised as a Windows update in a pop-up message informing you with a fake warning that you need to update your system right now due to security reasons. When you click this pop-up though you would simply install this Trojan or even a couple of other threats as well. You may also be asked to install plugins or software required to view page content, such as videos, on suspicious websites. Clicking on other types of unsafe third-party banner and pop-up advertisements can drop you this Trojan or a bundle of malware infections containing this threat as well. But you can also receive files through your social media accounts like a "must-see" video, and when you click on it, you would simply drop this Trojan. Obviously, you need to be more careful with your clicks and the choice of websites you visit if you would like to avoid similar attacks.

Infecting your system with a freeware bundle is probably the worst out of these cases since you can let a number of threats on board at the same time, including potentially unwanted programs, adware programs, browser hijackers, Trojans, fake alerts, and more. You can easily infect your system with such a package if you download free or cracked programs from questionable torrent or freeware pages, click on unsafe third-party ads in general, or when your PC is infected with adware, which can generate such corrupt ads and flood your screen with them. In any case, we recommend that after you delete Crimson RAT from your computer, you also run a reliable malware scanner to find all other threats as well.

How does Crimson RAT work?

Once this malicious Trojan enters your system, it can perform all kinds of malicious activities depending on the intention of its creators. As we have suggested, there can be lots of variations to the original tool, which appeared back in 2012. The malicious versions may display fake warnings about corrupted Windows system files, may change permission policies, and may also alter the Windows Registry database. In addition to these, this Trojan may also disable software on your system, such as your Windows Firewall and your anti-malware program if there is one installed. This obviously means that you would not even notice that this Trojan is operating in the background, which is, of course, the main goal of a Trojan, hence the name and reference to the so-called Trojan horse. We believe that such an infection can cause a lot of headaches and damage for you. Therefore, it is vital that you remove Crimson RAT from your PC, or should we say, flush the "rat" out.

How do I delete Crimson RAT?

First of all, you need to identify and kill the malicious process via Task Manager. Since this Trojan may set up a RUN registry entry or scheduled tasks as well, you need to check the designated location for these malicious entries and files and delete them all, including the malicious executable, too. Please follow our instructions below if you want to manually take care of this dangerous threat. Protecting your virtual world should be a priority if you want to be safe every time you start up your computer. Thus, we suggest that you defend your PC with a trustworthy malware removal application, such as SpyHunter.

Remove Crimson RAT from Windows

  1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously.
  2. Identify and select the malicious process.
  3. Right-click over the selected process and choose Properties.
  4. Check the Location field for the location of the malicious executable.
  5. Close the Properties window.
  6. Press End task.
  7. Exit your Task Manager.
  8. Press Win+E.
  9. Locate the malicious executable and delete it.
  10. Find and delete the malicious scheduled tasks, which may have random names, in "%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\" and "%WINDIR%\System32\Tasks".
  11. Press Win+R and type regedit. Click OK.
  12. Locate and delete the suspicious entry in HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RUN that may have a random name and its value data points to the malicious .exe file (which may also have a random name or anything to do with Windows update).
  13. Exit the editor.
  14. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  15. Restart your computer. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Crimson RAT*

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