Creeper Ransomware

What is Creeper Ransomware?

If you have found your personal files with the .creeper extension, this is an indication that Creeper Ransomware has entered your system. This threat is a typical ransomware-type infection whose only purpose is to make users pay money to cyber criminals. Because of this, it mercilessly locks files on victims’ computers once it infiltrates them. This threat does not ask permission to enter users’ PCs and make changes on them, but it does not hide either, so you will discover that your files have a new extension and can no longer be accessed soon. To tell you the truth, we cannot promise that you could unlock these files because free decryption software is not available. Purchasing a decryption key from cyber criminals behind this ransomware infection is not an option either. Never pay money to cyber criminals because they only want your money. Consequently, they might forget their promises to you the second they get what they want, i.e. your money. No matter what your final decision is, you must delete the ransomware infection as soon as possible. Specialists say that Creeper Ransomware is not one of those infections that start working on system startup, but if you ever open its launcher, it will start working again and your all new files will become encrypted in no time.

What does Creeper Ransomware do?

Creeper Ransomware is a newly-detected ransomware infection, but we cannot tell anything new about it because acts as an ordinary ransomware infection. Once it infiltrates users’ computers, it scans the entire computer to find where users’ valuable files are located and then it encrypts all those files. These files get the .creeper extension appended, so you do not need to go to check all files stored on your system to find out which ones have been affected by the nasty ransomware infection. After encrypting users’ files, Creeper Ransomware also leaves a ransom note (DECRIPT_MY_FILES.txt) for them. If you have not read it yet, do not waste your time doing that because, as expected, this ransomware infection only demands money from users. If they send money within 2 days, the price of the decryption tool is 3 Monero (744.66 USD at today’s price), but if the payment is made later, i.e. within 3-5 days, the price reaches 5 Monero (1241.10 USD at today’s price). As you can see, the decryption tool is very expensive. In addition, there are no guarantees that cyber criminals will give it to you, so we do not think that it is a very good idea to send money to them. If you have a backup of your data, there is no point in sending a ransom because you could transfer all your files from a backup to your PC easily.

Where does Creeper Ransomware come from?

Since you already know how Creeper Ransomware acts and what can be expected from it, we also want to talk about its distribution – we believe this might help some users to prevent this ransomware infection from entering the system. According to specialists working at, this malicious application should also be distributed via malicious emails. In most cases, ransomware infections pretend to be harmless email attachments, so our recommendation for all the users would be not to open attachments from suspicious or spam emails. Also, users might find malicious links when they open suspicious/spam emails. If they click on it, malware is dropped on their computers. Specialists say that users should also be very careful with software they download from the web because they might download malware themselves without even realizing that. It is a hard job to notice all the threats that try to enter the system unnoticed and make sure they cannot do that, so we recommend installing security software on your PC instead of trying to prevent malware from entering your system all alone.

How to delete Creeper Ransomware

You could delete Creeper Ransomware quite easily, but, unfortunately, it might be impossible to unlock files locked by this threat. You should not face any difficulties during the Creeper Ransomware removal if you follow our step-by-step manual removal guide (it can be found right below this paragraph). Also, you can acquire an antimalware scanner to get your system cleaned for you automatically, but you should know that it will not unlock encrypted data for you either.

Creeper Ransomware removal guide

  1. Open File Explorer and access the Downloads folder.
  2. Delete all recently downloaded files.
  3. Delete DECRIPT_MY_FILES.txt.
  4. Empty Trash.
  5. Download the diagnostic scanner and perform a system scan to check whether you have erased Creeper Ransomware fully. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Creeper Ransomware*

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