CovidLock Ransomware

What is CovidLock Ransomware?

CovidLock Ransomware is a malicious application that is targeted at Android users who are looking for information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The malware’s victims are offered to install an application called Coronavirus Tracker that is supposed to show how COVID-19 spreads. However, instead of receiving locations of those who have the disease, your Android device gets locked after you give the malicious application specific permissions. Unfortunately, if your phone gets locked, you should be unable to do anything besides read the malware’s message or insert a code into its provided box. If you want to know more about how it works and how to avoid this malicious application, we encourage you to read the rest of our article. Also, we can offer our deletion instructions placed below that show how to unlock your device and remove CovidLock Ransomware.

Where does CovidLock Ransomware come from?

Cybersecurity experts say that CovidLock Ransomware or Coronavirus Tracker was available on a particular website that has been shut down. Nonetheless, it is possible that it might still be spread through malicious advertisements and file-sharing websites. Thus, as always, we highly recommend downloading software from legitimate sources and only if you know that it was created by reputable developers. Also, our specialists warn users that hackers are very active these days. Thus, if you do not want to have to worry about malware in addition to the COVID-19 virus, you should take cyber security seriously even during these difficult times.

How does CovidLock Ransomware work?

If a user installs and launches the malicious Coronavirus Tracker, the application may ask to permit it to do a battery optimization. According to specialists who tested this malware, the threat might do so to ensure that it does not get closed. Afterward, CovidLock Ransomware should ask to let it access the Accessibility feature of the Android system. The permission might also help the threat remain on the infected device.

The last permission that CovidLock Ransomware ought to require should be to gain administrator privileges. The malware might explain that giving the application administrator rights will allow it to alert users when a person who has coronavirus is close. Such explanation should raise a red flag because it is impossible that an application could determine if a person has the virus. Not to mention, the identities and locations of people who are treated for COVID-19 are kept secret and such people are either in hospitals or isolated somewhere else.

If a user provides the administrator rights to the malicious Coronavirus Tracker, it should show a window saying: “Scan for Coronavirus.” If a user clicks the “Activate” button, the malware should lock device’s screen and show a message on top of it. The message ought to say that hackers behind the created have upload all victims’ personal files onto their server and encrypted them with a robust encryption algorithm. In exchange for their decryption and for hackers not to share them on the Internet, they ask to pay a ransom (250 US dollars). Specialist advise not to put up with any demands as they say that it is unlikely that CovidLock Ransomware encrypts any files. Also, they discovered a password that can unlock devices infected with this threat.

Therefore, if you do not want to risk getting scammed, you could try to type the following code into the malware’s window to see if you can unlock your Android device free of charge: 4865083501.

How to erase CovidLock Ransomware?

Users whose phones are locked by the malicious application should be able to erase it after they unlock their devices. To remove CovidLock Ransomware users should get rid of the malicious Coronavirus Tracker. If you need more consistent instructions, you should have a look at the steps available below.

Get rid of CovidLock Ransomware

  1. Type 4865083501 into the malware’s provided box to unlock your device.
  2. Remove the malicious Coronavirus Tracker from your Device.
  3. Get a legitimate antimalware tool and scan your device to make sure that the threat got eliminated. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of CovidLock Ransomware*

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