What is ConvertoWiz?

ConvertoWiz is one of those potentially unwanted programs that seem to appear at your computer out of nowhere. They are not malicious or anything, but it is also recommended to remove the likes of ConvertoWiz because they could be associated with unreliable third parties.

Potentially unwanted programs are unwanted because they often exhibit a variety of features that can be deemed to be undesirable. Not to mention, they often get installed on a target system unintentionally. If that is the same in your case, you will do yourself a favor when you get rid of this application for good.test

Where does ConvertoWiz come from?

Just like with most of the potentially unwanted programs, ConvertoWiz might come from several different sources. This application works like a Chrome extension, so you can most definitely find it at the Chrome Web Store. It also has an official homepage via, and there is an installation page at From this, we can see that the extension isn’t hiding or anything, so it would be too far-fetched to call it malicious.

Nevertheless, you are probably reading this because you have no idea how ConvertoWiz entered your system. Well, the truth is the official websites are not the only distribution sources. Such applications quite often come in bundles, through fake download buttons or redirects.

By bundles we mean software packages that users download from file-hosting websites. Obviously, users are seldom aware of the possibility that they might be downloading more than just one application. Freeware apps are often hosted on third-party websites that do not warn users explicitly about it. Therefore, when users go through the installation process, they overlook the steps that would allow them to deselect ConvertoWiz or any other similar application. In other words, it is POSSIBLE to avoid installing such apps; you just need to be careful.

Next, you may encounter a lot of fake download buttons on file-sharing sites, too. Users, who are not familiar with how such sites work, might click such buttons without thinking. Fake download buttons often are a lot bigger than the genuine ones, and instead of downloading the program they want, users end up with a bunch of apps they do not need.

Also, such fake buttons could open a redirect that automatically suggests ConvertoWiz to be added to your browser. Such pop-ups can be very annoying and intrusive. They may not allow you to close your browser’s window, saying that you must add ConvertoWiz now.

Either way, there are multiple ways for this application to reach your system, and whichever route it uses; the bottom line is the same: you have to deal with it at the end.

What does ConvertoWiz do?

The official function of this extension seems pretty neat. It offers to convert all of your files into the PDF format straight from your search bar. However, upon the installation, ConvertoWiz will also change your default search provider to

The extension does not hide this fact, however. The information provided at the official homepage and the Chrome Web Store does say that “by installing this extension, ConvertoWiz will change your Chrome Default Search.” Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a problem if the extension was able to provide you with reliable search results. Yet, it is not the case.

All of your search queries will be redirected to modified Yahoo! Search results. It means that the extension employs another search engine to provide you with search results that are also modified. Such apps can modify the search results according to your likes and preferences because the moment they are added to your browser, they start collecting information on your web browsing habits. It is not illegal or anything, but it may raise a number of security concerns, especially as ConvertoWiz does not review the third-party content it may promote.

How do I remove ConvertoWiz?

Due to these security concerns, it is for the best to remove ConvertoWiz right now. Simply delete it from your browser via the Extensions menu. If you feel that there might be more unfamiliar plug-ins installed, you can also reset your browser’s settings to default. Finally, perform a full system scan with a licensed antispyware tool to make sure that you have gotten rid of all the potential threats.

Manual ConvertoWiz Removal

  1. Open the Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and select More tools.
  3. Open Extensions.
  4. Remove ConvertoWiz. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of ConvertoWiz*

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