ConvertBox Toolbar

What is ConvertBox Toolbar?

ConvertBox Toolbar is one of those programs that do not seem to work in a malicious manner, but do not appear to offer any benefits either. The truth is that this program is neither beneficial nor reliable, and the best thing you can do is get rid of it. In the beginning of the research of this suspicious program, it was difficult to pinpoint why this program is unreliable and why users should not trust it. The first thing that came to our minds was that this program is created by people associated with Mindspark Interactive Network and is published by Bandoo Media. Even though the research team has red flags for both of these companies, regular users cannot be convinced that they need to remove ConvertBox Toolbar just because it is associated with companies that created questionable software in the past. Continue reading to learn what we have found when researching this program.testtesttest

How does Convert Box Toolbar work?

Have you ever heard of Mindspark Interactive Network? This company is infamous for using one single template for introducing hundreds of different-looking programs. Even though TypingFanatic Toolbar, SMSFromBrowser Toolbar, and FunCustomCreations Toolbar seem to represent different services, they are practically identical. Although ConvertBox Toolbar was not created by Mindspark, our research has revealed that INMIND INC – who is introduced as the developer of this toolbar – is associated with this company. In fact, it is possible that these companies are operated by the same people who are only trying to cast a wider net and reach out to more users. Of course, none of this might be of any importance to you if the toolbar was already installed onto your browsers and your main focus is on its removal. So why should you eliminate this suspicious program?

The links provided by Convert Box Toolbar are supposed to help you access beneficial services, but the mistake that most people make is that they focus on the beneficial services rather than the connection to unfamiliar sites. The same can be said about the search results provided via the search box on this toolbar. Even though it might appear that this search box represents Ask Search, the truth is that the search results provided to you could be modified by the creators of the toolbar or advertisers associated with it. Due to this, we believe that it can be dangerous to trust the third-party links provided by the toolbar.

How to delete ConvertBox Toolbar

It is obvious that Convert Box Toolbar is not an application you can trust. If you want to delete this program from your operating system manually, you have to follow the guide below. This guide also explains how to replace your default search provider if it was replaced by Ask Search. After you are done with this guide, we suggest installing a security tool that will inspect your PC and eliminate the leftovers, if any exist. It is particularly important to use this tool if you find other threats that require removal and if you want to keep your operating system protected in the future.

Remove ConvertBox Toolbar

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Firefox, tap Alt+T, and select Options.
  2. Click Search in the menu on the left and Remove the undesirable search provider.
  3. Tap Ctrl+Shift+A (Add-ons Manager) and select Extensions.
  4. Remove the undesirable extension and restart the browser.

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome, tap Alt+F, and select Settings.
  2. Navigate to Search and click Manage search engines….
  3. Select a new default search provider and click X on the URL of the search provider you want to get rid of.
  4. Tap Alt+T again, select More tools, and click Extensions.
  5. Click the trash icon, select Remove, and restart the browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of ConvertBox Toolbar*

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