What is ConvertAd?

ConvertAd is an adware program that runs in the system background and displays various commercial advertisements whenever you access popular online shopping websites. It is not an extremely dangerous application, considering that there is only one system process running on your computer, and ConvertAd has neither an entry on the list of installed programs, nor any extension on your default browser. Nevertheless, any adware application may be related to particular security risks that should not be overlooked. Thus, if you want to keep your computer absolutely safe, you will remove ConvertAd immediately.testtest 100% FREE spyware scan and
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Where does ConvertAd come from?

In its heyday ConvertAd used to be distributed just like any other adware application. It had two main distribution methods – main website download and bundled downloads. The main website ConvertAd could be accessed at However, now the website is no longer available and when you try accessing it, all you get is a blank page with written on it.

Next, ConvertAd could be delivered bundled with freeware. Freeware downloads are a very common mean of adware distribution, because users often download shareware programs from third party websites and install them without even checking each and every setup step. Nevertheless, now the application is hard to come across. There are no direct installers present, although the stand-alone executable file that launches the program can still be come across from time to time. Yet, this one file alone is enough for ConvertAd to function properly.

What does ConvertAd do?

It has been pointed out that ConvertAd does not leave much of a trace on your computer, and there are no obvious extensions installed on your browser when ConvertAd enters the PC. This adware application configures its main process to auto-start automatically each time you turn on your computer. If you have launched the executable file, you can find the adware’s process running in Windows Task Manager under the name of ConvertAd.exe.

Once the program is running, it will display a lot of annoying and potentially dangerous pop-ups whenever you access supported websites (eBay, Amazon, YouTube and so on). For example, this is the type of an advertisement displayed by ConvertAd:

Click Here

Needless to say, that ConvertAd is not responsible for the content of these pop-ups and the application is merely used by potentially malicious third party for their content promotion. However, due to the fact that in the long run ConvertAd can really expose you to various malicious scams, you should acquire a powerful antimalware tool and remove it right now.

How to remove ConvertAd?

As far as ConvertAd is concerned, manual removal may not be an option. This adware application leaves no visible traces in your Control Panel or your browser, and even if you kill the application’s process via Task Manager, it is very likely that it will regenerate again, once you restart your computer.

Therefore, investing in a licensed computer security application is a good idea in this case. It would allow you to get rid of ConvertAd automatically, and at the same time you would be able to run a full system scan in order to see whether your computer is 100% safe. 100% FREE spyware scan and
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