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What is Contact Us +1-844-324-6233?

When you see a message on your screen that urges you to contact an unfamiliar number, it is very likely that your computer’s security has been compromised. The Contact Us +1-844-324-6233 notification is one of such infections. This fake alert tries to pass for a legitimate notification, but the reality is that the infection only aims for your money.

In this description, we will tell you more about the fake alert, and then we will tell you how to get rid of it. It might be a little bit confusing to remove Contact Us +1-844-324-6233 manually, but that can also be solved easily if you do it automatically with a security application.test

Where does Contact Us +1-844-324-6233 come from?

Security researchers are not exactly sure how the malicious files that generate this notification enter target systems. However, it is very likely that the files enter your computer in software packages. This also means that the program does not need to slither into your system surreptitiously. You may install it accidentally yourself.

How to avoid software packages? Stay away from file-sharing websites. There are many free applications out there that you can download from such third-party sources. But if you must have a particular application, you should download it from its official homepage. And even so, it is still recommended to check all the installation steps carefully because even the official installers sometimes bundle unfamiliar and unwanted programs.

What does Contact Us +1-844-324-6233 do?

This fake alert does not do much, but it is very obvious when this intruder settles down on your PC. Upon the installation, the infection adds an entry into the Windows Registry. This entry allows the application to start up automatically, so whenever you turn on your computer, this Contact Us +1-844-324-6233 fake alert will be generated with system startup.

The message that appears on your screen blocks your desktop and looks like a BIOS notification about some technical error. It says that your operating system needs to shut down as you have multiple errors on your computer, and if you want to solve this problem, you need to call the +1-844-324-6233 number. Some users might feel compelled to call these criminals because they go as far as even identifying the “infection” that supposedly caused this critical error. It says that if you do not solve this issue at once, the “infection” will steal your sensitive information and you will lose all of your money.

Naturally, these claims are false. They have been devised to push the unsuspecting users into spending their money for nothing. Calling the given number also would not help because the scammers will lure personal information out of you, and then they will be able to use to for various illegal financial operations, and so on. So the point is that, instead of focusing on the non-existent infections identified by this fake alert, you need to terminate the files and processes that generated the Contact Us +1-844-324-6233 message.

How do I remove Contact Us +1-844-324-6233?

It might seem that it is impossible to bypass the Contact Us +1-844-324-6233 message because your computer has been compromised. However, you can kill the process responsible for the notification via Task Manager. At the bottom of this description, you will find the manual removal instructions, and there you will see a step that tells you how to do that.

All in all, the instructions are rather lengthy because the infection may drop quite a few malicious files on your system. Therefore, if you think that you cannot do it yourself, you should rely on a powerful security application.

You would still need to kill the fake alert first, before you run a computer security tool of your choice, but you already know where to find the instructions for that. So when you can finally launch your security application, make sure you run a full system scan because we are almost certain that the Contact Us +1-844-324-6233 fake alert is not the only intruder on your computer.

Once the malware removal is complete, find out more about safe web browsing habits and what you can do to protect your computer from harm. Naturally, a security application is your safest bet in this situation, but your own behavior online is also equally important in ensuring your system’s safety and stability.

Manual Contact Us +1-844-324-6233 Removal

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and open Task Manager.
  2. Click the Processes tabs and click the ImageLoader process.
  3. Press End Task to terminate the process.
  4. Press Win+R and type %AppData%. Click OK.
  5. Go to Local\Microsoft and delete the ImageLoader folder.
  6. Open the AudoUpdate folder and delete the AutoUpdate.bat file.
  7. Go back to the AppData directory and navigate to Roaming\Microsoft.
  8. Delete the ImageLoader folder and go to AutoUpdate folder.
  9. Remove the AutoUpdate.bat & AutoUpdate.ba1 files.
  10. Open the Microsoft folder again and navigate to Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ClientProtocol.
  11. Remove the wincpu.exe file and press Win+E.
  12. Enter C:\Users\Default into the address bar and press OK.
  13. Remove the Act folder from the directory and open Roaming.
  14. Delete the Pod folder and run a full system scan.
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