Cobra Locker Ransomware

What is Cobra Locker Ransomware?

Cobra Locker Ransomware is not just a file-encrypting malicious application but also a screen locker. It means that the malware both encrypts files and locks the infected machine’s screen. As a result, users who receive this threat might be forced to stare at the malware’s warning message instead of their computer’s screen. Further, in the article, we talk about what the malicious application’s message says, what the threat does, and how to unlock your screen and erase Cobra Locker Ransomware. If you need step by step instructions to unlock your screen and remove the malware, feel free to use the steps available below this article. In case you need more help with these tasks or want to ask something about this malicious application, do not hesitate to leave us a message in the comments area.test

Where does Cobra Locker Ransomware come from?

Usually, users come across threats like Cobra Locker Ransomware after interacting with some unreliable content. It could be a malicious email attachment received from an unknown sender or a harmful installer downloaded from an unreliable file-sharing website or a suspicious pop-up/advertisement. In other words, the malicious application’s installer could be any recently downloaded file. To protect your system in the future, we advise not to open any files or links if you are not one hundred percent sure that they are harmless. Also, we recommend keeping a legitimate antimalware tool and scanning all files received from the Internet, especially if they are from untrustworthy sources, with it.

How does Cobra Locker Ransomware work?

Users might not notice that Cobra Locker Ransomware is on their system until they see the malware’s warning message. It ought to appear only after the malicious application encrypts all pictures, documents, and files alike that could be valuable to an infected device’s owner. It should be easy to separate encrypted files because they ought to have a second extension called .IT, for example, text.docx.IT. Since the malicious application uses a strong encryption algorithm to encipher files, it should be impossible to open them without deciphering them first. Usually, it is possible only with a unique decryption key and a decryptor. The malware’s warning message likely talks about such encryption means as it speaks about a special key.

Cobra Locker Ransomware’s warning message should appear after the threat encrypts files that it was programmed to lock. Since the message should be in full screen, users might find it impossible to access their computers and be forced to look at the malware’s window. It might be extremely unpleasant as the threat’s message ought to show a picture of a horror-movie character. It should also contain a short note saying that users have to contact the malicious application’s creators if they want to receive a special key and unlock their screen. Victims who contact hackers may be asked to pay a ransom. The cybercriminals might also claim that their key will decipher all encrypted files, but, in reality, there are no guarantees that it will. Truth be told, you cannot know for sure that hackers will send you anything even if you do what they may ask of you. Thus, dealing with them could be very risky.

How to delete Cobra Locker Ransomware?

In case you decide you do not want to take any chances and contact the malware’s creators, we advise erasing Cobra Locker Ransomware at once. First, you need to unlock your screen, and you can do so if you access your Task Manager. If you do not know how to do this or how to delete the threat manually, you should follow the instructions placed below. If you do not want to remove Cobra Locker Ransomware manually, you could follow our instructions only until you unlock your screen and then get a legitimate antimalware tool that would erase the ransomware for you.

Remove Cobra Locker Ransomware

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the same time.
  2. Open the Task Manager.
  3. Select the Processes tab.
  4. Locate the malware’s process; it could be any new, suspicious, and randomly named process.
  5. Right-click the identified process and choose Open File Location.
  6. It should open a folder where the malicious application’s launcher is placed.
  7. Put this window aside for now and look at the Task Manager again.
  8. Select the malware’s process again and kill it by clicking the End Task button.
  9. Exit the Task Manager.
  10. Open the folder that you placed aside earlier.
  11. Select the threat’s launcher, right-click it, and press Delete.
  12. Close File Explorer.
  13. Empty your Recycle bin.
  14. Restart the system. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Cobra Locker Ransomware*

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