Daily Top 10

What is Daily Top 10? Daily Top 10 e-mail is spam! Daily Top 10 e-mail has no relation with the honest Daily Top 10 e-mail is a spam e-mail sent to you by hackers to download Trojan-Downloader.Agent.EL into your computer system! Daily Top 10 makes you believe it's an e-mail sent by with the top ten stories of the day, but when you click on any of the stories in this e-mail you'll be closer to the latest 2008 rip-off. The link you clicked on will take you to a corrupt website that will try to scam you into believing you need the latest Flash player to view the site. Innocently, you're most likely going to download the update file get_flash_update.exe. Get_flash_update.exe is actually (drumroll please...) Trojan-Downloader.Agent.EL!

As soon as Trojan-Downloader.Agent.EL infects your computer, you'll be exposed to fake anti-spyware programs like Antivirus XP 2008 which may later cause annoying popups and fake warning notifications. Also, your Windows Registry may be modified.

Your desktop may be hijacked and a warning message will "inform" you about supposed spyware infections. There is more, your screensaver is probably going to change to SysInternals BlueScreen Screen Saver. Finally, your operating system may crash and display the BSOD (Blue screen of death). BSOD's message may read:


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