What is CltMngSvc.exe?

CltMngSvc.exe is a file which is installed alongside the browser add-ons that are created using Conduit platform. Moreover, the file can be attached to some adware programs, which are usually promoted by various free applications. There are more than 7 different versions of CltMngSvc.exe, but the most famous version is the one that is responsible for auto-updates for Search Protect by Conduit. If you have recently installed some Conduit Community toolbar, you may find CltMngSvc.exe as a running process in the Windows Task Manager. Do not think that you can easily get rid of CltMngSvc.exe by ending the process – you should remove the application to which it belongs as well as the Conduit toolbar which you have on your PC.

Why should you remove CltMngSvc.exe?

The major function of CltMngSvc.exe, located in a sub-folder of the Program files directory, is to prevent browser changed when the home page and the default search engine are change to The file downloads new updates for the unwanted browser extension and consumes computer resources. You have probably noticed that the speed of the computer decreased and that you need to wait longer than usual for a new web page to load. The file has been already flagged as malicious by some anti-virus program, and if your security tool is not powerful enough to detect and remove CltMngSvc.exe, it is time to install a more powerful one.

If you have CltMngSvc.exe on your PC, it means that the settings of the browsers are changed, too. You probably cannot browse the Internet as usual because the search results page is poisoned with various unwanted links, which are presented as advertisements. Moreover, the startup page is also likely to be afflicted by Conduit Search, which you should remove from your browsers.

How to remove CltMngSvc.exe?

It is not enough to uninstall the unwanted toolbar because CltMngSvc.exe belongs to a separate application which is installed alongside the toolbar. The expert team at recommends that you implement SpyHunter which will not skip a single malicious file. All the threats will be removed from the computer with ease, so do not hesitate and invest in the time-saving application which will surely pay off in the future.

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