Check Weather

What is Check Weather?

Check Weather is most likely a clone of a potentially unwanted program (PUP) known as Always Weather. Just like its earlier version, the unreliable application might settle in without the user realizing it. Another thing our specialists at found out is that the add-on works only on Google Chrome and as soon as it is placed on it, the user might begin receiving lots of not only irritating, but also untrustworthy advertisements from unknown sources. If you did not know Check Weather could act this way and do not want to encounter any possibly malicious third-party advertisements accidentally, we urge you not to wait any longer and eliminate this doubtful browser add-on immediately. This task should not be difficult even for inexperienced users, but if you need any guidance, we recommend using the deletion instructions available at the end of this report.

Where does Check Weather come from?

Users who downloaded Check Weather some time ago may have founded it on since at one point users were able to download it from this link: As you realize it is not possible anymore. Yet, our researchers believe the PUP could travel with other similarly untrustworthy applications, for example, browser hijackers, adware, etc. One way or another, the add-ons appearance might signal you are a bit too careless when it comes to downloading and installing new software. To avoid doubtful software, it is advisable to keep away from torrent and other unreliable file-sharing web pages. Additionally, users should always choose advanced installation settings and try to read all given terms. Of course, another way to secure the system and keep it protected is to employ a legitimate antimalware tool that would be able to stop various threats from getting in.

How does Check Weather work?

As we explained earlier Check Weather is a browser extension targeted at Google Chrome users. It is presented as a handy application for anyone interested in learning what the weather is like just by clicking the program’s icon. The problem is providing information about the weather might be not the only PUP’s purpose. Our researchers claim Check Weather could record information like the user’s visited web pages, clicked ads, inserted keywords, and so on to later provide him with advertisements from various third parties. What it is important to know is that the mentioned ads could come from any source, including malicious web pages, so you should be extra careful. On the other hand, if these ads irritate you or disturb your browsing, you should not tolerate this and erase the unreliable add-on right away.

How to remove Check Weather?

For starters, you could try the deletion steps located at the end of this paragraph. Completing the provided steps should allow you to get rid of the PUP manually. Those who find this process a bit complicated or merely prefer using automatic features could download a legitimate antimalware tool and perform a system scan with it. Once it is finished, the tool should place a removal button; just click it once and Check Weather should be eliminated right away with all other identified threats.

Delete Check Weather

  1. Open File Explorer (Win+E).
  2. Find the provided locations one by one:
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\{*profile}\Extensions
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\{*profile}\Local Extension Settings
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\{*profile}\Sync Extension Settings
  3. Right-click directories titled igmiebgcfjpflkggohhoecohofmaklbh and select Delete.
  4. Exit the Explorer.
  5. Empty your Recycle Bin.

Reset the affected browser

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap Alt+F.
  3. Click Settings, scroll down and press Advanced.
  4. Scroll below again and tap Reset.
  5. Select Reset. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Check Weather*

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