Business New Tab by inMind

What is Business New Tab by inMind?

Business New Tab by inMind is a program that you should not keep on your computer any longer, according to our security researchers. The main reason why there is no place for such a program on your device is the damaged reputation of its developer. In addition, it is highly possible that you do not even know how this program has managed to enter your PC. It usually hides its arrival, so we classify it as a potentially unwanted application. The useful features of this application are limited only to providing you with links to various business stories, and you should find a reliable webpage with a business news feed instead of trusting Business New Tab by inMind.testtesttest

Where does Business New Tab by inMind come from?

The application is distributed by InMind, Inc. The research team working at has discovered that this company is closely associated with Mindspark Interactive Network, which is the creator of such suspicious toolbars as Recipes By inMind, MusicBox Toolbar, and many others. None of the applications connected with the Mindspark family are considered trustworthy by security experts. Their developers are probably aware of this, and so they try to misguide users and hide the way the programs are distributed. Only a minority of people download them directly from their official sources. Others receive the possibly unwanted applications in packages with free programs they get from software download pages. You should know that there is always a possibility to deselect the undesirable applications. However, to do this, you should be very attentive while installing any downloaded program and go for the Custom Installation mode. Otherwise, you may even receive dangerous intruders on your computer.

What does Business New Tab by inMind do?

The program installs a tab to your browser and provides you with links to the latest financial news. However, this is not the only thing that Business New Tab by inMind does regarding your Google Chrome browser (the application does not work on other browsers). Business New Tab by inMind also acts like a browser hijacker. It changes both your default homepage and search engine to The reliability of the latter search engine is very questionable. It shows additional search results to your search queries, and you may be tricked into entering a suspicious website by clicking on any link provided by You should know that this engine was outsourced to an unknown third-party back in 2010, so the real purposes of people standing behind this engine remain a mystery. It will be in your best interest to decline to use the suspicious search engine.

In most cases related to InMind, Inc., and its products, you will have to eliminate manually the unwanted search engine and restore your default homepage. However, luckily, in the case of Business New Tab by inMind, it is enough just to remove the unwanted browser extension from Google Chrome and the rest of your browser’s settings will be automatically restored. But we strongly suggest that you implement some additional security measures. Consider scanning your system for the presence of other undesirable programs. Some harmful applications may already be damaging your system, so use a legitimate antimalware tool that can detect and eliminate all the potential threats.

How to remove the unwanted Google Chrome extension

  1. Launch your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click Alt + F and choose More tools.
  3. Go to Extensions and click the trash bin icon near the undesirable extension.
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