What is Braviax?

Braviax is a renegade anti-spyware application. Braviax may sometimes appear under the name Cru629. This phony program produces fake pop-up ads and warning alerts and will redirect your web browser to the homepage of the rogue anti-spyware program System Defender. They will then use their crooked ads to try and con you into buying the full version of the bogus anti-spyware application System Defender. If that wasn't enough, Braviax may also install additional malware onto your PC. The fake warning message looks like this:

"WARNING! SystemDefender has detected 52 SPYWARE objects on your computer! Malicious objects found on your computer, if not cleaned immediately, are likely to lead to:
- Window slowdowns, freezes, and crashes
- Computer unpredictable or erratic behavior
- Your internet surfing privacy violation
- Your local and online access passwords theft".

Don't trust these internet pirates and don't let them swindle you out of your hard earned money. Get rid of the Braviax infection right away.

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