BlueEagle Ransomware

What is BlueEagle Ransomware?

If your files ever get a new extension .SaherBlueEagleRansomware appended to them, this must be one of the first signs that BlueEagle Ransomware has successfully slithered onto the computer. It might be still in the development phase, but we cannot tell you that it is impossible to encounter it because cyber criminals might already actively distribute it. They have developed this malicious application having the only goal – to extract money from users. All cyber criminals know how hard it is to make users send money to them willingly, so they have programmed this ransomware infection to encrypt their files. If it ever shows up on your computer illegally, this will inevitably result in the loss of personal files. You will be asked to send money to cyber criminals in exchange for the special tool that can unlock your files, but, of course, you should not do that because you might be left without anything. To put it differently, you might still not be able to unlock your encrypted files, and cyber criminals will not return your money. We have only one piece of advice for those users who encounter malicious software trying to obtain money from them – remove the infection you have on your PC right away. In other words, you should not think about how to decrypt your files now. Instead, focus on the BlueEagle Ransomware removal.test

What does BlueEagle Ransomware do?

BlueEagle Ransomware is one of those nasty infections that encrypt personal files. As has been observed, it not only encrypts users’ personal data, but also kills the explorer.exe process so that it could place its own window on Desktop. The window opened contains a message for users. It explains to users what has happened to their files and what they can do to get them back. Users are told to keep their PCs connected to the Internet and pay a ransom of 1.25 Bitcoin. At the time of writing, 1.25 Bitcoin equals 6868 USD, so do not even think about sending money to cyber criminals, especially when you have no guarantees that everything will get back to normal after you make a payment. Malicious software will not be removed from your system if you pay a ransom either, so it might strike again and lock those decrypted files. Unfortunately, it might be impossible to unlock the encrypted data, i.e., files having the .SaherBlueEagleRansomware extension appended somehow differently because the ransomware infection deletes Shadow Copies of files, making it impossible to restore them. Of course, it is always possible to restore encrypted files from a backup for free, but it must be located outside the system.

Where does BlueEagle Ransomware come from?

BlueEagle Ransomware is not a very actively distributed infection yet, so not much is known about its distribution either. Most likely, it is spread via spam emails, specialists say. If you have opened an attachment from such an email recently or clicked on some kind of link inside it, it does not surprise us at all that BlueEagle Ransomware has entered your system, locked your files, and killed your Windows Explorer. Although it is impossible to fix files, you should be able to remove this ransomware infection yourself quite easily – read the last paragraph of this article before you take action. Our security specialists have a piece of advice for you as well – install a security application on your computer so that similar malicious applications could not enter your computer again and cause you problems.

How to remove BlueEagle Ransomware

If you have already found your files with the new extension .SaherBlueEagleRansomware, you must have the ransomware infection BlueEagle Ransomware installed on your computer. You must remove it as soon as possible because you could not use your computer normally due to the window you see opened on your Desktop. Also, it might encrypt your new files as well one day. You should use our step-by-step manual removal guide if you decide to delete it manually because it is very important to delete ALL its components from the system. You can use an automated malware remover to erase it from your system quicker too.

BlueEagle Ransomware removal guide

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager.
  2. Kill the process representing BlueEagle Ransomware.
  3. Click File and select New Task (Run…)/Run new task.
  4. Type explorer in the box you see and click OK to launch Windows Explorer.
  5. Press Win+E.
  6. Delete SaherBlueEagleVirus.exe from %TEMP%.
  7. Remove shadowdeleter.exe from %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Templates.
  8. Check %USERPROFILE%\Desktop and %USERPROFILE%\Downloads.
  9. Delete all suspicious files from these directories.
  10. Empty Trash. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of BlueEagle Ransomware*

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