BlastGamesNetwork Ads

What is BlastGamesNetwork Ads?

Have you started seeing BlastGamesNetwork Ads on your screen and cannot get rid of them easily? If so, it is very likely that you have consciously installed the browser extension associated with the online flash games website, or it has found a way to enter the system without receiving direct permission from you. No matter how it has entered your system, it would be best that you do not let it stay active because its drawbacks undoubtedly outweigh its benefits. Yes, this piece of software will enable you to play online games for free, but there is a huge possibility that it will flood your screen with BlastGamesNetwork Ads as well, specialists working at say. At first glance, the presence of commercial advertisements might not seem like a huge problem; however, we are sure you will change your opinion soon if BlastGamesNetwork Ads start bothering you every day. They will not disappear from your screen themselves, meaning that you will have to close them all one by one if they show up. Needless to say, your web browsing experience will be diminished if these commercials keep popping up on your screen while you browse the web. Luckily, there is a way to eliminate BlastGamesNetwork Ads from the screen. Since all these advertisements are directly associated with the browser extension named BrainyZanyGames, you will no longer see them only if you get rid of this add-on. You can find more information about its removal in the last paragraph of this report.testtest

What do BlastGamesNetwork Ads do?

You probably already know that BlastGamesNetwork Ads start bothering users soon after they install the extension BrainyZanyGames, which is associated with the online gaming website, on their computers. Most likely, the browser extension does not start showing advertisements the moment it is installed on the user’s computer. It is very likely that it will first record some information about the user’s activities, habits, and interests. It is hard to say what BlastGamesNetwork Ads will promote when you encounter them because, theoretically, they might promote anything, including software, services, and various products. Additionally, you may see ads promoting online games. The main problem with BlastGamesNetwork Ads is that they are extremely annoying – you will understand what we have in mind here if they ever start showing up on your screen and you encounter them every day no matter what websites you browse. Also, security specialists say that it might be quite dangerous to click on all these ads users are provided with because some of them might hold links leading straight to untrustworthy websites. Needless to say, you will end up on these websites right away if you click on ads promoting them. Unfortunately, users usually find out that they have been surfing a shady website only when security-related problems arise.

You should remove the BrainyZanyGames browser extension not only to stop the flow of irritating BlastGamesNetwork Ads. It is very likely that this piece of software will also automatically gather information about you if you do not disable it. Specialists say that it should not record any details that are considered to be personal, but it surely records users’ clicks, websites they visit, ads they find interesting, and some other details. Ad-supported programs actively collect information about users’ activities and interests so that they could display the so-called targeted ads.

Where do BlastGamesNetwork Ads come from?

The appearance of BlastGamesNetwork Ads on users’ screens is triggered by the installation of the browser extension (BrainyZanyGames) – it is entirely responsible for generating and displaying these ads. As research conducted by malware researchers working at has shown, users often install it themselves by clicking on the Download button ads promoting it contain. Also, users might get redirected to the page promoting the extension from another website. Last but not least, just like many other ad-supported programs, it should be spread bundled as well. In any event, the browser extension has to be removed to delete BlastGamesNetwork Ads from the screen.

How to get rid of BlastGamesNetwork Ads

You will no longer see BlastGamesNetwork Ads displayed on your screen only if you remove the BrainyZanyGames browser extension. It is compatible with both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, so you will have to delete it from both web browsers. It is not that difficult to delete a browser extension, but we suggest that you use our instructions provided below if you have never removed any undesirable software yourself.

BlastGamesNetwork Ads removal guide

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Tap Ctrl+Shift+A after launching Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Select BrainyZanyGames.
  3. Click Remove.

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Open More tools.
  4. Open Extensions.
  5. Locate the BrainyZanyGames browser extension.
  6. Click the Remove button to delete it from your browser. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of BlastGamesNetwork Ads*

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