BlackKingdom Ransomware

What is BlackKingdom Ransomware?

BlackKingdom Ransomware is a malicious infection that will leave you floundering, looking for ways to restore your files when it enters your system. It is one of those programs that require you to pay a ransom if you want your files back. However, computer security specialists strongly discourage users from paying ransom fees because it only encourages these criminals to create and distribute more infections. Instead, you should focus on removing BlackKingdom Ransomware from your computer, and then look for all sorts of ways to restore your files. In some cases, it might not be possible to get your files back, so you have to be mentally ready for that, too.testtest

Where does BlackKingdom Ransomware come from?

It doesn’t look like BlackKingdom Ransomware belongs to any of the prominent ransomware infection families. It’s not unusual because, from time to time, we do come across lonesome ransomware programs. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that BlackKingdom Ransomware is any less dangerous than the programs from notorious ransomware families. It still operates under the same premises, and it can easily encrypt target files once it lands on the target system.

It is very likely that BlackKingdom Ransomware employs the most common ransomware distribution method, which is spam emails. Users download and install such programs accidentally, thinking that they are about to open some important files they have received through the mail. However, the files that distribute BlackKingdom Ransomware and other similar infections are fake. You have to check the message first before you download and open the file. If the message comes from an unknown party, and if the email content is rather urgent, it is highly probable that you are being targeted by cybercriminals.

It’s possible to figure out whether the file you are about to open is malicious or not by scanning it with a security tool. If the file is dangerous, the tool will notify you, and you will be able to avoid getting infected with BlackKingdom Ransomware (or any other ransomware for that matter).

What does BlackKingdom Ransomware do?

On the other hand, not everyone is that lucky. If you get infected with BlackKingdom Ransomware, you will soon see that all of your files get encrypted by this program. Our research shows that this program encrypts files throughout the entire system, and it drops ransom notes into every single folder that contains encrypted files. BlackKingdom Ransomware does not create a Point of Execution, but it doesn’t mean that the consequences of this infection are any less dire.

The ransom note that this program drops says the following:

I’m sorry to inform you that Your whole Environment have been hacked!!
all of your Data including (Data, documents, Videos, Photos, Databases, servers, outlook emails, and way way more) are encrypted now, and cannot be accessed under any circumstances.

How to get them back >>> ???
All you have to do is to pay us ($10,000) worth of bitcoin to the following address:

The amount this infection asks you to pay is preposterous. It also says that you have 600 minutes (10 hours) to respond to their request, or else your data will be sold and/or destroyed. Due to the ransom amount, we assume that BlackKingdom Ransomware mostly targets businesses rather than individual users, but it doesn’t mean that businesses should pay the ransom, too.

It would be better to educate your employees about the potential ransomware threats, and then remove BlackKingdom Ransomware from your systems. If you have a system backup, you can just wipe your computers clean and then transfer the healthy copies of your data back into your machines. However, if that is not an option, we would strongly recommend addressing cybersecurity professionals who would go through other potential file recovery options with you.

How do I remove BlackKingdom Ransomware?

Since BlackKingdom Ransomware doesn’t drop additional files or create a PoE, you can simply remove it by deleting the file that launched the infection. If you cannot find the said file, you can scan your computer with the SpyHunter free scanner. This scanner will help you detect the malicious files you need to remove. After manual removal, please consider investing in a powerful security application that would help you secure your system against similar intruders in the future.

Manual BlackKingdom Ransomware Removal

  1. Remove the latest files from Desktop.
  2. Go to the Downloads folder.
  3. Delete the latest files from the folder.
  4. Press Win+R and type %TEMP%. Click OK.
  5. Remove the latest files from the directory.
  6. Scan your system with a licensed security tool. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of BlackKingdom Ransomware*

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