BitDefender 2011

What is BitDefender 2011?

BitDefender 2011 is a rogue antispyware application which masquerades as a genuine antivirus program. Unfortunately, it is a threat which needs to be dealt with immediately; otherwise the user infected could suffer severe consequences. BitDefender 2011 comes fully equipped with all the measures known to rogue software applications, which allow it to swindle the user out of his money without much effort.
The rogue can easily enter your computer via spam email, so you need to be careful which messages you click on, and what you open in your mailbox. Spam messages with attachments from unknown senders are the most susceptible to being the carriers and distributors of rogue infection. By opening the spam message, and by downloading the attachment, you doom your computer (and yourself), to the terrible infection that is BitDefender 2011.

When BitDefender 2011 is downloaded and installed in your computer, it does what a rogue has to do by initiating a fake system scan. Naturally, it “finds” numerous errors in your system, at the same time plaguing you with fake security alert messages, saying that you simply must protect yourself by activating BitDefender 2011. However, this is exactly what you mustn’t do, because by activating and purchasing the license for the program, you would be revealing your banking information to the third parties. Don’t let this become reality and delete BitDefender 2011 on time using a reliable malware removal tool.

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