What is Beback?

Beback is a Russian application that a number of users who shop online should find appealing. It is because it promises to make it possible to get a small percentage of the amount spent at certain online stores back. This sounds nice, but the problem is that Beback is not as decent as it claims to be. We are not going to analyze whether it acts as it promises in this article, but we will definitely try to convince you to erase this application from your computer. It is advisable to erase it because it is an ad-supported program, i.e. it might start displaying irritating ads, according to researchers at Also, it might become a threat to your privacy, specialists say, because it might start collecting information about users seeking to find more about their interests and habits. Without a doubt, this piece of software is not malicious, but you should not let it stay. Users should remove it not only to stop undesirable activities it starts performing on computers after the entrance. There is also no point in keeping it if nobody uses it, or it has shown up on the computer without permission.testtest

What does Beback do?

Users are told that they could get some cash back if they install Beback on their computers and they shop at online stores which support the Beback system, e.g. AliExpress, Topface, and DealExtreme. If we believe what it is said on the official website of this program, i.e., the auto-cashback feature is implemented in this extension, so users do not need to do anything. That is, their only job is to do the online shopping, and the extension does the rest. We can neither agree nor confirm that it is going to act as promises, but we are sure that it has several drawbacks next to advantages. Researchers have classified this Russian program as an adware program not without reason – it might start displaying ads or provide users with the sponsored links. Clicking on them is not recommended because they might open untrustworthy pages. To be frank, it is very likely that this program has been primarily developed with the intention of generating money for its developer, so if you notice that it does not do anything useful, delete it without consideration.

Beback has fallen into the category of adware programs because it is capable of displaying the sponsored content, as you are already well aware of, but, most likely, it has another drawback too. According to researchers at, this ad-supported program, just like other adware programs available on the web, might record information about users. Mainly the information that could tell more about their habits should be collected. On top of that, this application might record technical details too, e.g. an IP address, type of browser, and the Windows OS version used. You cannot disable separate activities Beback performs, but you can stop its ALL activities completely by going to uninstall it.

Where does Beback come from?

It should be possible to get Beback from or the Chrome Web store ( On top of that, this extension might be spread bundled too. As specialists have noticed, it does not enter systems alone. In most cases, another program YoutubeAdBlocker is installed next to it. This piece of software is also classified as a potentially unwanted program, so keeping it installed is not recommended either. Untrustworthy applications are often spread in software bundles, so there are no guarantees that a new untrustworthy program will never arrive on your computer again. Of course, you can lower the chances of the malware entrance. What you need to do is to install a security application. Downloading free software ONLY from trustworthy pages should become your habit too.

How to delete Beback

Delete Beback without consideration if it provides you with the irritating sponsored content, you have detected it on your browsers but you cannot remember downloading it willingly, or you have found it completely useless. This program is a browser extension compatible with Google Chrome, so you could fully delete it by uninstalling the extension Beback manually. If you have never done that before, let our instructions help you, or go to uninstall the undesirable extension automatically. Only a trustworthy tool like SpyHunter will delete it for you fully.

Beback removal instructions

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Select More tools from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Extensions.
  5. Locate the Beback extension.
  6. Click the Trash icon and then click Remove. 100% FREE spyware scan and
    tested removal of Beback*

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